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1919, The Year of Racial Violence: How African Americans Fought Back by David Krugler


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Just another well-documented, informative book that shows how black people acquired firearms and used black media (newspapers, magazines, etc.) to unite the people and fight the battle against all odds in a white imperialist society. There were many accounts of white business owners telling black people to get rid of their guns or they could not have a job. But open carry was legal pretty much everywhere back then, and it was simply not safe to walk around anywhere in the USA black and unarmed. Of course many black people who needed white money obliged, and unfortunately, became victims of lynchings. We have to give credit to the brothers who fought in the white World War I and came back demanding liberty and freedom in the USA after fighting for it for other people overseas. This is one of my favorite books of all-time, as it documents our fighting spirit so well; the fighting spirit that is all but extinct in most black Americans in 2019.

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