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You had me at hello.


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                Curves touched pressed into mine, your hand slowly moving along the arch of my spine.


                A tiny gap appears between my thighs, a twist of my lips; it is a glimpse of moments that have you asking why.


                A pair of large breast pointed up toward the sky, silk wrapped mounds are the reflection of my hips in your eyes.


                Caressing the back of the neck, the tasting of earlobes are a thought to reflect.


                Exploring the essence of the whine as it create its own lyrics begging to not be alone,


                 Tongues intertwine to dance in one place as your hand venture into my secret space where the tune of my movements are as whimpers in the dark where the shadow of the moon 

                 tap the clit and the heart.


                Climactic explosions of melodies made are the twirling of two areolas as the nipples displayed.


                Pulling up on the waist as the body collides. The flinch to the jerk is the strike of ecstasy’s mind. 


                then the spirit so provoked as to spin in space and the mind body and soul race back to that place where delights has them all begging for more.


                Yet, the thoughts of the moment repeating its self keeps them unsure.


                Did it happen? Was this foreplay real? Did you make love to my mind? it was so surreal.


                This was my thoughts at just hello, makes a girl step back to consider for him how far she will go. You had me at hello. 


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