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Ghetto Christmas.

harry brown

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Snowy. Christmas. Eve,In. Many. Ghetto. Houses.. From. A. Infestation,Large. Rats. Stirring,Not.  Mouses..  No. Marshmallows.  Or,Chestnuts. Roasting. Over. A. Fire.  More  Food  Is  A  Perpetual,Desire.  Christmas  Day  Many  Families  Won't  Have. Joys.. There  Will.  Not  Be  Anything  For  Girls  And  Boys..  In  The  Ghetto,Liveable Wages They Are Deprived. Each  Day  Is  A  Struggle  To,Survive..  Black  Mothers  Raising  Children  Alone.  Children  Fathers,Are  In  Prison  ,Or  Somewhere  Unknown..  Snowy. Street,Cirners,Prostitutes. Have. Stood.  Gangs. And. Thugs. Roam,Neighbirhoods.. Ghetto. Streets. Gun. Shots. Sound.  Another,Gangster. Lay Dead. Upon. The. Ground..  Demonic. Christian,Politicians. And. Preacher's. Never. In. A. Humanity. Mood.. To,Help. The. Homeless,,,Give  Them,,Shelter. And. Food.  Many. Of. The,People,Not. At. Church,To. Hear. Preacher's. Speak.  They. Yearn. For. Clothes,Shoes. And. More. Food ,To. Eat..  . To. Each. Other,Have. A,Merry. Christmas. They. Say.  When. Christmas. Comes. It. Wil. Be. Just,Another. Ghetto. Day...

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