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On. The. News. Someone. From. -Black. Lives. Matter ,Saying.  -Prisoners. Should. Be. Released. -Because. Of. The. Coronavirus- -Assuming. That. Does. Not. Include. Murders ,Child. Rapist -Attempted Murders.  It's Okay. To- Release. The. Thugs,. Crack -Sellers. ,Pimps Who. Prostitute -Teenage. Girls. , Some. -14. . Does- The. Street. Gangs. Stop. -Murdering. Black. People. Because. Of. The. Coronavirus-???-Churches. Are. Closed ,Why? The-Chuch. Congregation.  Should. Go. To.  Church. And. Pray.  For. The.  Coronavirus-. To-Be. Stopped.  They. Know. Prayer-Will. Not. Stop. The. -Coronavirus-The. Church. Doors. Are. Usually -Cliosed. 6- Days. A. Week -The-Preachers,,Do. Not. Help. People-They,Care.  About. Money...

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Releasing prisoners into a world where 3,000,000+ people just filed for unemployment and everything is closed would probably cause even more problems.  I suspect most of these people really should not have been locked up in the first place. 


Releasing people into the world under ideal conditions is hard, but releasing them into 45's coronavirus apocalypse could be disastrous. 

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Many of them shouldn't have been locked up in the first place.

Things like selling dope, prostitution, gambling, ect.......aren't things people should be locked up for. Infact, I don't even think they should be considered crimes  as long as people aren't being forced into it.

This is supposed to be a "free" society but there are probably more laws in the United States today than almost any other nation on the planet....including China.  Many designed to get folks in trouble so that the lawyers, police, and prison staff are guaranteed jobs and an income.


The REAL reason why they're considering releasing these prisoners have less to do with concern over their health and more to do with strategy and logistics.

1. They anticipate that as more prisoners get the virus that this will cause a panic and the more prisoners they have the harder it will be for them to keep them under control and busting out anyway!

2. Most corrections officers are going to be so concerned about THEIR OWN health and safety and the safety of their families many of them (like many police officers already) will be calling in sick and staying home. So they won't have the staff anyway.
I just read a report that over 6,000 NYPD officers called off sick!

3. Plain and simple, because of such a stress this is putting on the economy they simply won't have enough money to feed and house 4 or 5 million adults so they have little choice BUT to let them go.

What I believe MAY happen is they will keep the most violent and dangerous prisoners locked up and use the military to secure them; but those in prison for forging signatures, selling dope, and running scams and other minore shit....they're going to let them go.

Like I said, most of them shouldn't have been locked up in the first place.

It's a shame a nation needs a pandemic or other crisis to FORCE them to do right by people.

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Plus they lock poor people up when they can't post bond. New York City has hundreds if not thousands of people locked up awaiting trial because they can't make bail. Kalief Browder spent two years, most if it in solitary, because he could make make bail of $500 (i think it was $500 but it was something small).


He was ultimately found innocent, but ended up killing himself because the experience drove him mad. 

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I don't think most people understand the original purpose of "jail" and the difference between it and the penitentary.

Jail was originally designed to be a holding facility for those PRESUMED INNOCENT to be detained in for a short period of time until it was determined whether or not they were guilty and what their punishment (if any) would be.

The penitentary was suppose to be the place of punishment, not jail.
And I believe a person wasn't supposed to spend more than 2 weeks jail while awaiting their fate. This was that "speedy" trial promised in the constitution.

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