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Something Strange Going On In Milwaukee......

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At first we see this tweet by our brother Tariq Nasheed letting us know what's going on in Milwaukee...….



So I dig into the story to try to get some more information from other media sources.

And I fine THIS report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:




3 shot, house set on fire at scene of investigation into missing Milwaukee girls


What started Tuesday as a missing-persons investigation morphed over the course of several hours as tensions about police treatment ran high and rumors spread online.

By nightfall, three people — including two 14-year-olds — had been shot, a house was set on fire, and police had fired tear gas and pepper spray on some members of a scattered crowd of hundreds who'd gathered outside a Milwaukee house where police earlier conducted an investigation into two missing teenage girls.

Both girls, ages 13 and 15, have been located as of Wednesday morning, police said. TV stations reported that the girls had last been seen Sunday evening.

Police are also investigating whether the girls may have been victims of sex trafficking, police spokeswoman Sgt. Sheronda Grant said.


The two girls had not been considered critical missing and did not meet the criteria for an Amber Alert, Grant said.

The crowd that gathered Tuesday near the police investigation in the 2100 block of North 40th Street was a mix of neighbors observing the situation, people expressing frustration with police and activists who'd marched in Milwaukee's racial justice protests.

Some wanted to take the investigation into their own hands. Others joined the melee to express their grievances with police violence in general.




Ok, before we go any further let's just stop right here.

You have a 13 year old girl and a 15 year old girl who had been missing SINCE Sunday evening, about 2 days before the events took place but they're saying THAT didn't "fit the criteria" for an investigation or even an Amber Alert?????






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Ok, so the police are saying that 2 girls who've been missing for more than 2 days didn't fit the criteria for "critical missing".
Whatever that means........
Nor do they qualify for an Amber Alert.

Hmmm, interesting.
It looks as if in Milwaukee the standards are HIGH for girls to be considered even worthy of looking for when they come up missing, but l
et's continue...…

In that same article from the Journal Sentinel we further read:






Police reported a boy and a girl, both 14, were shot near the scene around 5:45 p.m. and suffered injuries that were not life-threatening.

Then a 24-year-old man was shot near the scene around 7:30 p.m. as someone fired shots at his vehicle, police said. He refused medical treatment and his injuries were not life-threatening.

Seven police officers and one firefighter were injured in the unrest, Morales said.


Police responded to the home multiple times Monday and Tuesday to check for the missing girls, Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales said, but officers did not find them.

Then around 10 a.m. Tuesday, a group of people looking for the girls went to the home, Morales said. Police responded to the scene as well for a "trouble with subject" call and did not locate the girls.

Police then responded again around 11 a.m. after there was an "exchange of gunfire" between someone inside and someone from a group of people trying to get inside, Morales said. No injuries were reported.


As crews were fighting the fires, the unrest escalated. Two 14-year-olds were shot — not by police, Morales said

Police fired tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray at some protesters, according to Sensabaugh’s livestream. Several people appeared to be injured, and volunteer medics were treating them — pouring milk on eyes and wrapping limbs.

Morales defended the use of force, saying police needed to make sure the scene was secure for fire crews to work as well as provide aid to one of the people shot in the crowd. 





Now a FEW things that I highlighted in bold-red stood out for me...…..........

1. There were shots fired at people at/outside that house TWICE on Tuesday, yet we don't read ANYTHING about anyone being arrested.

Three people were shot and injured, including TWO 14 YEAR OLD CHILDREN.....but no arrests??????

According to the article the police weren't there for the FIRST shooting at 11am, but they most CERTAINLY WAS THERE at the 5:45 shooting because the place was SURROUNDED by police and firefighters.....yet 2 children were shot and NO ARRESTS!

But the Milwaukee Police Department made sure to let everyone know THEY DIDN'T shoot anyone!



Police and fire fighters all over the area.
Yet no suspects or atleast no arrests for all of this shooting going on!

And while the police haven't reported WHO did the shooting into the crowd, they made sure to report that THEY aren't the ones who did the shooting.

2.  Also, the report is that this shooting was going on between someone INSIDE of the home and those outside.

Keep in mind this report of someone being INSIDE the home as we continue further.

3. At 7:30....assuming the police were still there.....a 24 year old man was shot in his car!

Again, NO REPORT OF ARRESTS for who shot this man!

So you have all of this shooting going on and people getting injured while the place is SURROUNDED by police, yet nobody gets cuffed during this exchange....WTF??





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Now as we look into OTHER media sources about the incident we read......






A crowd of people angry about the disappearance of two girls burned a vacant home and a van in Milwaukee on June 23, after people accused police of not responding quickly enough to concerns the girls were being sex trafficked at the dwelling. You can watch videos from the scene later in this article. Be aware that some of the videos have graphic language.




So NOW they're saying that the home was "vacant".

But didn't we just read from another source about that there were people INSIDE the home shooting at the people outside?


Now the Chief of the Milwaukee Police said:



He said that one of the two missing girls was located, and police were still trying to locate the second girl (activists say both were found.) Morales said police didn’t get the cooperation they needed from family. “This whole chain of events could have been avoided,” Morales said.





Outside of the fact that there is a dispute between the police and activists about whether or not one of the girls are still missing...…

Outside of the fact that according to the report the girls weren't "critical missing" and didn't qualify for a team to look for them NOR did they qualify for an Amber Alert...…

Now it appears that Chief wants to ATTACK THE FAMILY of the missing girls and accuses THEM of starting all the trouble!

How can he accuse the family of getting in the way and not cooperating with something THEY THEMSELVES were reluctant to do in the first place?

Also, when was the last time you heard a police officer AT ALL let alone the CHIEF police officer actually ATTACK the family of the victims in the media?

But let's move on...…




Now, there were people on the ground at the scene who actually provide a VIDEO disputing what the Chief told the press:





In one of community activist Frank Nitty’s widely viewed livestream videos from the scene, a different story was told. You can watch one of those videos here. It gives the side of the community members in great detail:












Frank, the community activist goes on to say:





“They said there were a couple of little missing kids in this house,” Nitty says in the video. “It started with this house, missing kids. When the people called the police, the police came and didn’t do sh-t basically, so the people decided themselves to come back to the house. People came to the house, they said people left the house, little kids left the house. So, when they came to the door, people started shooting throughout the door. Then the police came and arrested the people for shooting through the door. The detective told me he didn’t find any evidence of the missing kids in the house.” Community members then got word that the kids may have gone to a different house. The kids “started to run” and people chased them through a park.






So according to THIS man:
-In this SAME HOUSE that was called vacant by the media.
-In this SAME HOUSE that police allegedy went to but didn't find anyone
…..he's saying some people went to the house and gathered up a bunch of children and some of the children TRIED TO RUN AWAY and those people chased them through the park!!







He said people decided to enter the home and find evidence. They found shorts with blood on it. They believed a person in the house was a sex offender. He said “police haven’t been doing anything about it,” referring to sex trafficking rings. People are trying to “take our city back.” He said the police were standing in front of an alleged sex trafficker’s house



So the Police went to the home and said they didn't find anything, but the PEOPLE went into the home and found shorts with blood  on it!



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Now as we look at MORE media sources about this incident we find that this SAME home had the police called to it atleast 27 times within a 4 year time frame!





A house burned Tuesday night has a lengthy history of visits from the Milwaukee Police Department. According to its dispatch log, officers have visited the home at least 27 times in the past four years. The house was burned last night by a crowd after members of the group charged that criminals were using the home and others nearby for sex trafficking



You can see the call log in in the article through the link above.

27 calls, but no arrests?

27 calls, but no investigation?






Another media article reports...…..



Milwaukee police said the two teens were eventually found, yet didn't say how or where they were safely located. Police only said the teens were not considered endangered and had nothing to do with the house, which was located on the 2100 block of N. 40th Street in Milwaukee.






So the girls were found but Milwaukee they DIDN'T SAY how or when?

Why not?

Could it be that the PEOPLE found them...there...in or near the house when THEY surrounded and attacked it?

Because it seems to me, if what the people did by surrounding and attacking that house was so outrageous and crazy....then the best way to prove them wrong is to tell the public how and when the girls were found as proof that the people over-reacted or got the entire thing wrong.






"There is also no evidence to substantiate that human trafficking occurred at that location," authorities said in a news release. "The preliminary investigation revealed that no information has been provided to MPD to suggest that the teenagers were at the residence that was set on fire or that any foul play occurred at that location."

By the time the investigation wrapped up at the house, a crowd of upset neighbors tried storming the house multiple times to find the missing teens, exchanged gunfire with people inside, and pelted police officers with bricks, police said.

Milwaukee Police were initially sent to the house on the 2100 block of North 40th St. Monday morning to conduct an investigation into a potential sex trafficking operation. Police said officers searched the house several times, only to have their search come up empty.







Notice the WORDS here!
Mr. Fuller tells us to watch how White Supremacy works and listen carefully to the WORDS being used.

They didn't say there was NO EVIDENCE that those missing girls were at that residence or that foul play occurred.
They said the PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATION revealed that they weren't there!


So they COULD HAVE been discovered to have been there after the ACTUAL INVESTIGATION....while it wasn't noticed during the preliminary one.

And again  notice that it said as the investigation was wrapping up there was an EXCHANGE OF GUNFIRE between people inside the house and those outside.


There to witness the gunfight AND people get injured.....including 2 children.

But no arrests?




*Now for those of you who are reading through all of these article excerpts and commentaries I've posted trying to figure out what I'm talking about..….SO AM I !!!

Like you, I TOO am trying to figure out what is going on here because the media AND the Milwaukee police department seems to be giving the public confusing and contradictory information about that house and what actually took place a couple days ago!

Infact, it seems as if the ONLY time they tell anything half-way close to the truth is when those who WERE THERE release video footage of what actually happened and they are forced to re-cant any lies or contradictions they told earlier.


Like I said, something strange is going on.

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As we continue to look the medias' reports and how they continue to add more and more spins and twists to what transpired at the that Old Milwaukee house...……

According to a local Fox affiliate:





An hour later, at approximately 11 a.m., officers responded to a ShotSpotter activation at the same house. Officers discovered shots were exchanged between the residents of the home and the group of individuals who were attempting to enter the residence. People who were escorted from the home Tuesday were the residents who live there, police said, taken from the home for their safety due to threats to burn it down. An MPD spokeswoman said Wednesday those people lost their home.






So the Milwaukee Police get a report at 11am that shots were fired FROM that house as well as AT the house, which means that someone on the inside was shooting also.  However instead of finding those inside who were shooting at people outside, they give the a "police escort" out of the house for their own safety?

Further, if the people inside the house were escorted out of the house before noon....WHO was inside the house to shoot those 2 AfroAmerican teenagers around 5:45pm?

Later on in the article we read:


The Milwaukee Police Department confirmed on Wednesday both missing teenagers were located and with their families. MPD interviewed both teenagers who denied going to or being at the residence and denied meeting or knowing anyone who lived at that residence. Police added there's no evidence to substantiate that human trafficking occurred at that location










An MPD spokeswoman added there were eight calls for service at the lower unit of the home in 2020. Six of those calls were related to the missing checks, threats and the fire that occurred on Monday and Tuesday. None of the calls were related to prostitution, sex trafficking or human trafficking, she said.






What she NEGLECTED to say was that was nearly A DOZEN CALLS recorded over the past 3 years or so INDEED WAS related to sex trafficking!

If anyone doubts this, all they have to do is look at the call log in an article linked above to see how many times the police were called to that house since 2017 about missing children and disturbing things going on at that house only for NOTHING to be done about it.

But the AfroAmerican community DID put an end to it.


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Now here is ON THE GROUND footage of Milwaukee police escorting residents of that house out of it and the crowd's reaction.



Notice how many of those witnesses report MANY CHILDREN being taken out of the home during this police escort.

I wonder since they "found no evidence of trafficking", did they investigate whether or not all of those kids in that home LEGALLY  belonged to the adults they were with as they escorted them out?


In the above video, also notice how witnesses are describing CHILDREN IN HANDCUFFS being taken out of that house!

Also, one of the witnesses talks of "niggaz and bitches" being taken out of the house.
One can believe this may be HIS way of talking about males and females in general regardless of their race.....OR we may believe that dozens of young AfroAmerican boys and girls who apparently were holed up in that house were being taken away.

It's hard to believe you can have a house full of young people.....children.....teenagers....and NOT be suspicious of any kind of trafficking going on in that home!

More ON THE GROUND VIDEO is coming out of what happened at that home!
Now we have a video of shots being fired by some AfroAmerican citizens at a car somehow connected with that house.



What was the contexts?

I don't know.

And not much is being said about it.
However as you can see in the moments that follow, there doesn't seem to be much police action following this.

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If you notice at the VERY beginning of the video, a young person is being held up by a couple others and someone is saying "they just shot her"!

Apparently SOMEBODY (the person in the car??) had just shot a young AfroAmerican girl and perhaps the shots being fired at the car is in retaliation to this.

Does ANY OF THIS even remotely match or line up with the version of things being given in various (ever changing) reports by the Milwaukee Police or mainstream media?


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Have any serious jounalists covered this story

By serious, do you mean "accreditted"?

Associated with the "AP"....lol.

To my knowledge, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has covered the story as well as The Grio and a local Fox affiliate briefly reported on it.

But to your question, I find it interesting that neither CNN nor Fox New (which is usually EAGER to report stories that tarnish the image of AfroAmericans) were strangely silent on this entire incident!

With all of the coverage on protests and police stand-offs going on, here you have a story where nearly an entire neighborhood comes out to surround a house suspected of operating sex trafficking, several shoot-outs occur,  the police ends up tear gassing and shooting at the crowd as the crowd pelts them, and two teens were shot and injured before the house is BURNED DOWN....and despite plenty of video footage of all of this happening the NATIONAL media is absolutely silent about it!


What are yiu conclusions about what is going on here

Honestly, I'm not sure because there is too many lies and inconsistencies being told to figure out exactly what happened.

If I had to......as Mr. Spock from Star Trek would say...."speculate", I'd say that there was some sort of sex-trafficking ring going on at the house and after asking the Milwaukee police to do their job for YEARS and shut it down - the AfroAmericans of that neighborhood decided to put and end to it and shut that shit down themselves!

And the police didn't like that because it made them look bad and inept, so they chose to punish THEM instead of the suspected sex-traffickers for exposing their ineptitude.

Since it was reported that some people were taken out of the house in hand-cuffs, it could be that the Milwaukee police probably ARE punishing the sex-traffickers now that their behavior has been exposed with all of those children being found in the house.
But again, they don't want to give the credit to the community for taking it upon themselves to expose what was happening so they're keeping it underwraps.


A major reason I'm so focused on this incident is because it makes one wonder how many OTHER COMMUNITIES in the inner city is this evilness going on in?

Thousands of AfroAmerican children are "missing" and one has to wonder how much of it is due to negligence on the part of local law enforcement.

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I just read recently about a young Black girl who was burned by White men who allegedly did this as a Drive-by. 
Many of the comments don't believe this happened and say that she fabricated this story.

I heard about this too a few days ago.
I didn't hear about the part of them accusing her of fabricating it but since you mentioned it I'll check into it.


Just like in the Bubba Wallace/noose controversy where they're accusing NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace of fabricating HIS claim....and like they accused Jussie Smollett of fabricating HIS claim....we see the same pattern over and over again with how these cases of racist violence are examined from various angles so that many of the Caucasian journalists can figure out ways to discredit them and thus dismiss them.


I neglected to mention that I believe White Supremacists have infiltrated the MEDIA in order to spin stories around, spread doubt about racial cases, and cause confusion in among the people.

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