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harry brown


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Over. The. Weekend Black. Children. Killed -Murdered. Because. Of -Black. Community. Violence. ???  Will. There. Be. Protesting. For. Them ?-Will. There. Be. Black. Lives. Matter.  Signs. And. Angry. Protest ?? For -Black.  Men. Black.  People  Organizing. . Genocide. In. Black. -Communities?  Black  Political ,NAACP,Church Will  They  Be   On   The -News   Angry  At  Black   Men    Murdering    Black   Children   -Black -People.?  Black    Gangs    Slaughtering   Black   People    In   Streets,-Black  Pimps ,,Prostituting  ,.   Teenage. Girls. In.  Streets.  , Black. Men -Setting.  Up. Crack. Houses.  . Where.  Is.  The.  Protest. ?? The.  T V -News. Will.  Not.  Show.  White. Police. Wearing.  KLAN.  Hoods. ,-Or-Attending.  KLAN.  Rallies.  Has. B. E. T. ,TV ONE  Showed. White. Police -At.  Klan.  Rallies. ,Fired. For. Being.  Klan. Members. ??  Has. B. E. T - Or -TV. ONE. Talked. About.  Preachers.  Raping.  Children. ,Being. With. -Prostitutes ,Getting.  Teenage. Girls. Pregnant. ,Stealing. Millions. Of  -Church.  Money.  Buying.  Cars,Houses.  Not.  Trying. To. Uplift. Poor -Black.  Communities. ????  Has. John. Lewis,Black.  Democrats NAACP-Ever.  Talked. About.  Kwanzaa  ,Tried.  To.  Organize.  Kwanzaa.  In -Black.  Communities.  ??? Why. Not. .. Trump. Not. The. Only. One. Who -Needs. To. Be. Voted. Out  On  Election . Day !!!!!.







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I have a VERY strong suspicion that many if not MOST of these recent (and past) mass shootings of AfroAmericans are NOT being committed by other AfroAmericans!


There have been multiple eye witnesses who have claimed that Caucasians in cars and trucks have been driving by shooting up groups of AfroAmericans while they were out protesting or having block parties and other gatherings.  Especially when you have them in urban areas like Chicago with cameras all over the place yet there police seem to not be able to find any suspects.


I'm not saying all are, but many are.

Which is why I'm so hard on so many AfroAmericans being naïve and ignorant and ignoring their surroundings while busy bullshitting on facebook and Instagram.

I understand why a lot of our WOMEN do this because most women are very social and communicative by nature and love chatting with eachother, but why so many grown ass AfroAmerican MEN are walking around in flip-flops texting eachother and giggling on the phone like little girl while White Supremacists in tattoos are riding around in these big muscle-trucks with guns.....is beyond me.

Then when something happens or a child is killed, they are on television with tissues stuck to their nose crying and acting EVEN MORE like women than the women standing next to them.  The sister has to stop crying herself just to rub THIS fools back and tell HIM it's gonna be OK.  😠


We need to begin to wonder how big of a role White Supremacists ARE playing and HAVE played in these high AfroAmerican homicide rates.

If you notice, these multiple shootings began to increase and got a lot of attention in the media RIGHT AFTER there were calls to defund or dismantle the police departments and hold them more accountable!

As far as I'm concerned, this is just more evidence if not proof that WE as AfroAmericans should start policing our own communities and protecting ourselves since we can't rely on the government to do it adequately.
Which....by the way.....will lead to another battle of the current Civil War I've been speaking of.
Much of the fighting AfroAmericans will engage in will be with EACHOTHER as we go into the inner cities and clean up the MESS that White Supremacy has made of many of our people.   Many of them are MONSTERS (literally) and will not be allowed into the New World.


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Tariq Nasheed touched on it a little bit in the first couple minutes of his latest broadcast:


I was looking for the video where he went deep into it and WARNED people a about a week ago that the White Supremacists were going to use July 4th as an opportunity to kill more AfroAmericans. 

Again, I'm not saying ALL of the killing or even most of it is being done by Caucasians....I simply don't know that.
And this is the problem.
When you don't have suspects and many of the police aren't properly investigating.....you are kept in the dark and don't know WHAT'S going on or who's doing what.
This is why a lot of our people are in a state of terror and confusion.

The police are saying one thing, the media is saying another, their friends who are there and witness what's going on say another, and OTHER media sources are saying things totally different than what the FIRST media sources are saying.....a big ass ball of confusion.

This is why WE as AfroAmericans need to defend and protect OUR OWN communities so if anything happens then it's all on us and we can't point the finger or blame anyone else.

As long as we're leaving it up to Caucasians to be "daddy" and protect our women and children you're going to continue to see little children be harmed and adults being killed and Black folks getting on television crying and looking stupid pointing fingers at eachother and scratching their heads.




Was he black?' The first thing I ask when I hear about a crime ...



"Nawww….hold up....I thought dey wuz white cuz....."

"Well first I heard some gun shots and then he ran in da house...…"

"What I'm tryna say is.....what had happened wuz….look....I wuz in the kitchen aaand....."

"Nah....why he run off and leave her out there like dat...….."

Just a big mess of confused people adding to eachother's confusion.

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Guest Just Passing By

Listen,we need to stop blaming White folks for our foolishness,when are we gonna stand up and say it's Black on Black gangsters doing most of these shootings in the hood,babies can't go outside and play because these idiots want to kill one another,so just stop looking the other way when we know who's guilty.

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When civilians kill they generally kill people of the same race.


When police officers kill (or lock people up), they disproportionately do this to Black people, which is a very serious problem reflective of a deep seat structural racism which creates the conditions for so called Black on Black crime.


Some people in including "just passing by" don't get this.


@Pioneer1 I did not have time to listern to Tariq's 2 hour rant. I heard him use the n-word several dozen times. Do you think he needs, or should, do that?

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Well, he certainly doesn't NEED to do it.
None of us do.


But like myself, he probably just says it out of habit.


I limit my use of it out of respect for your site, but along with "m...f.." I use it quite frequently in my normal vocabulary.

I even use it in public speaking engagements depending on the audience....lol.

Should he (or I)?
Probably not.
Despite the fact that "nigga" is now actually a different word from "ni**er", we do know the two are related coming out of the same origin (negro) and neither are generally used positively.


It's a habit, and we all know habits are hard to break.

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I wonder if Tariq is trying to appeal to a certain class of people. If so he does so at the expense of repulsing others, like myself.


Now I'm no prude and an occassional F or N bomb is fine, but he uses nigga so much... Can you imagine Dr. Ben or Clarke or Farrakhan sharing a hour tirade laced with "nigga?" Would it change what you though if them?

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He's absolutely trying to appeal to the so-called Conscious Community who respond strongly to the type of language he uses, understands why, and focuses more on the  CONTENT and information he delivers.

From my experience and observations around the nation this group is comprised mostly of those who are either working class with basic highschool education OR first generation college educated.  This is the type of language THEY use most often, not on jobs or in the classroom....but with eachother.
Because they tend to come from the Working class which is  found BETWEEN the Destitute/Criminal class and the  well educated Professional class, most people in the Conscious Community pull the strongest points from both of these classes as well.


I've seen Tariq do dozens of interviews from local ghetto community spots to Russia Today (RT); he knows how to talk and conduct himself appropriately depending on the platform and audience.   


Not sure about Dr. Ben or Dr. Clarke but I've heard Minister Farrakhan  say "nigga" on several occasions during his speeches.  And just like Tariq, he tends to do it as a way to relate to the audience he's addressing.


Also, this type of language is done strategically to cause "shock" and offense to those his talks are NOT meant for....namely Caucasians and non-Woke AfroAmericans.

Telling them outright that they are not welcomed on his sites or that they should  not listen because what he's saying isn't meant for them would obviously have the opposite effect.  They would just stay around simply to criticize everything he says and does.  
So using language that is considered so silly and offensive that most Caucasians and non-Woke AfroAmericans would find him too ridiculous to even take seriously and waste time with does the job....lol.

If you think HE'S bad....you should listen to a pretty prominent sister in the Conscious community known as Mechee X:


She is HIGHLY intelligent and offers a wealth of information but every other word is a cuss word and that's just a little TASTE of her typical presentation......LOL.

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5 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

He's absolutely trying to appeal to the so-called Conscious Community


The NYC conscious community does not use this language. Maybe things are different in your neck of the woods. Conscious people don't have potty mouths ... they are more articulate.


I listened to video you shared. No, this Sister does not appeal to me on any level, nor does she strike me as highly intelligent. 


Come on Pioneer, who reacts like that to a social media post? She needs to stay off sicial media if that is that way she is gonna react to Black people who misunderstood her. She wouldn't last 5 minutes on lipstick alley.

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