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Alphabet of Black Cultures (Children's book)


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Hello, all.  I'm new here, so I'll attempt to be brief: I would like to suggest my book for review consideration.

Alphabet of Black Cultures by Jeffrey Daniels,

ISBN-13: 978-0976050827, published July 2020.


Description: From A to Z, Alphabet of Black Cultures is a friendly introduction to the diverse and evolving cultures of a world connected by African heritage.  Learners of all ages are invited to explore the music, inventions, games, foods, customs, and more.


It's a 32 page, full color, hardcover book intended for juvenile nonfiction readers aged 6 to 12.  The book has garnered some local interest prior to release here in the southside of Chicago.  It's a years-long passion project, and I hope you may see a space for it among AALBC's reviews.


Review copies are available in digital format and physical copies may be available by request.  I made a website to elaborate on the book’s mission, but I'm not sure if external links are permissible (it's "sleepingelephant dot com slash abc"). 


Thank you for your time.


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This most definitely is the basis for a massive series. What I like best about it is that it spanned the global and made it clear the cultural diversity of the African Diaspora. The writing was short and sweet. The pictures are in a style that excites the imagination.

When I got to the letter F I was reminded of my childhood in Jersey City, New Jersey. I used to take some of the chemical cleaners and things and mixed them into a concoction I called FuFu. I thought I made up the word. It wasn’t until I was in my teens in Newark, NJ that I learned that it was the name of a real African food.

Daycare Center, home schoolers, and grammar schools should get this book. I believe that there should be an audio companion which features authentic speakers to help with the pronunciation.




My review on Goodreads 

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13 hours ago, daniellegfny said:

I believe that there should be an audio companion which features authentic speakers to help with the pronunciation.


My review on Goodreads 


This is a really good idea!  I started exploring the technical requirements of adding audio clips to an ebook.  But in my research the pronunciations differ greatly from dialect to dialect.  It's something like a Boston accent to a Mississippi accent.  So, I may try to include several variations.  


Your review was great.  You missed the window where it was free (they only allow a few days in a row).  Can a reimburse you for the purchase? 


Also, does anyone know if GoodRead reviews appear on Amazon?  I thought Amazon owns GoodReads.  It seems they would benefit by having reviews appear in both places. 

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It’s my pleasure. I hope we can work together to form a launching team. Getting started is one of the biggest challenges. I know people who have been doing this for awhile but still don’t have a promotion squad together. 

No I first read in KU then I bought it. Respecting the forums guidelines I didn’t mention it. I am waiting for my review to appear over there because I wrote the review through the app.

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Guys no hyperlinks to Amazon or their sites (Goodreads, Audible, etc) please.   Yes consider me the "Amazon Nazi" 🙂


Side Bar: 
@daniellegfny How many times have you gone to Goodreads interacted with someone there, read their book, then came to AALBC posted a review and went back to Goodreads to tell people there to visited AALBC to read the great review you wrote?


When you talk about Black business succeeding you never consider the environment that we operate in.  See Amazon never has to tell you not to link back to AALBC, because Amazon does not hyperlinks.  One would think it is common courtesy not to go to a bookseller's site and direct readers to a competitor's site.  Now you linked to other Black-owned site I would not mind it, but you are linking and actively supporting a Black-book-site-killer.


Now I get it; I actively supported Amazon for years -- even after I knew better.  Today, however, I will not allow anyone to use this platform to actively support and promote Amazon or their websites.


Goodreads has people climbing over each other to post reviews. Why? I had a reviewer who asked to work with AALBC.  I published every book review he sent, but he never stopped posting them on Goodreads -- it was like he was being paid by goodreads.  Had he continued posting the reviews here I would be paying him now. SMH



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I just started using Goodreads as a tool two days ago. I have tweeted several Aalbc forums I have written. I didn’t realize you had a GoodReads ban also. 

The review was the same review, my objective was to provide proof that I had posted there. If I knew where the book review section was I would not have a problem with sending links out promoting this site.

I do my best to try to follow the policies to the best of my ability. My post went to several sites with the exception of this one because app gave the option to post to both sites. I think it was a question of the numbers and wider audience. I don’t think it was to slight your site. 

The integration of the platform into the app is why they have their review success. Also you have Influencers saying that they way they found their reviewers and readers was by interacting on Goodreads. 




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3 hours ago, daniellegfny said:

I didn’t realize you had a GoodReads ban also. 


Yeah I didn't know there was one until i just mentioned it. I need to write down somewhere on the site.


3 hours ago, daniellegfny said:

I do my best to try to follow the policies to the best of my ability


Sorry I was not questioning that. What I was trying to highlight was the fact that authors, collectively, do a lot to promote Amazon and comparatively little to promote Black-owned booksellers. I was hoping that would help you appreciate why it is easier for white businesses than Black ones.


Of course the reason are much more profound than just "the white nans jce being colder" including access to investors, capital, media coverage, etc.


The "wider audience" is a selffilling prophesy. I will not contribute to it; this is why I boycott Amazon.  

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Apologies for the bump.  This book is FREE today for review considerations.  (No links, but you can figure out where)  Thank you for all of your support and engaging discussions this year! ❤️  I've been able to give away a lot of books in my community and will move on to other things next year.


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