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My First Consumer Complaint on Social Media

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This is what I found when checking my Twitter messages just now. 

No one as ever done anything like this before. Sure sometimes orders get delayed or screwed up. No business is perfect. 

Everyone else who has a problem simply emails me. They don't put me on blast and effectively accuse me of stealing.  


@Pioneer1 I can see, based uoon what this woman did, why you would say we don't care about each other.


But here is the thing, I've been working with this bookclub for years. The bookclub, Go On Girl!, which this sister is apparently a nember of has dozens of chapters and hundreds of members across the country, and are avid supporters of AALBC and I of them. So while I don't understand why this sister came at me publically, I know she is not reflective of the majority of Sisters than help support AALBC rather than try to tear it down. 


I'll let you know what happened to her order. She failed to leave her name of any other way for me to identify her order in her Twitter message.


I don't have her voicemail either. And I'm not aware of any outstanding orders. The Sister that follows up on order status for me is pretty thorough.


I know the correct response is to bend over backwards and to try to placate her, but I've learned when people come at you sideways you've already lost. 

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Tariq Nasheed talks about this a lot on his podcast because he sells a lot of books, dvd's, and other products online and via FedEx and other services and people FREQUENTLY leave out important information they need to have their products delivered.


It's funny the way he talks about them...lol.


He says cat's will place an order and give out their credit card number but NO NAME or put down the address but NO CITY or some other silly mistake and then get mad AT HIM when the product doesn't arrive....LOL.

He says  dudes send him emaisl or call him up on his radio show cussing him out saying it's been six months where is the movie at?????
Then they'll tell him,

Angry black man | Premium Photo

"Where my shit at????
See....that's why I don't like doing business with black folks cuz dey always fuckin' up!!!!"


You can go to a Caucasian restaurant and even if he gives you salmonella poisoning from eating a bad lobster, as soon as you feel better you'll be RIGHT BACK at that same restaurant grinning with him as he slaps you on the shoulder and welcomes you back.....you aren't mad at him.
But if you go to an AfroAmerican restaurant and they just give ONE HUSH-PUPPY less than what you expect to get.....you're ready to cuss them out and not go there again and then tell all your friends not to go there!

"Don't give them niggaz ANY of your money!!!!"


Other AfroAmericans angry with you because you're making money.....LOL.
You didn't do anything wrong.
You didn't steal or not deliver the books or other products, so why are they mad or what are they complaing about????




Black movies, living in the 'burbs and dealing with racial strain ...


"Uuuhmm, so why you making money off of Black folks?????
If you fo' yo' people then why don't you give them books away fo' FREE!"

Negroes come to your establishment and start tripping out like Cinque from Amistad,    "GIVE US FREE....WE WANT  FREE!".,..lol.

Give us free - Cinque Amistad | Meme Generator


Man, our people are something else!


But the main problem is the PRIDE.

Tariq said and I'm sure you'll agree that  a lot of AfroAmericans even when it's clear THEY made the mistake on their end, don't want to look bad and admit THEY made the mistake so they'll dig and search hard for a way to turn it back on YOU and get the focus off of themselves.

People like to talk about how smart Asians are but the thing I've noticed about them is that when they make mistakes they tend to be more HUMBLE in admitting them and apologizing for them while a lot of our people with fight like hell even when they KNOW they are wrong...to avoid being embarassed.
Just don't want to look bad!

Tariq said when people complain to him about not getting their products he'll tell people to check their email for their order receipt and they'll often discover their own mistakes and instead of admitting it and saying I'm sorry, they'll just hang-up or STOP emailing him after weeks of it......LOL.

I'm sure you've done business with enough AfroAmericans to KNOW he's not lying.....lol.

You're probably LYAO right now because of how true it is!

I've learned that one of the first things you do BEFORE complaining about something is make sure the problem is not on YOUR end and make sure YOU didn't make the mistake.  
Most people learn this in their youth after making fools of themselves enough times.
But some fools never learn.


Even on this site, I've heard a few people....even Cynique....accuse "somebody"  (really YOU but they won't say it.....lol)  of taking down or removing their posts after they made it.
Maybe someone did or didn't in THEIR cases, but I know that many of the times I've made posts that I didn't see,  it was because I didn't send it PROPERLY and wasn't logged on or something so I make sure THAT is fixed the case first BEFORE accusing you of taking it down or accusing the CIA of removing it.

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14 hours ago, Troy said:


@Pioneer1 I can see, based uoon what this woman did, why you would say we don't care about each other.


Ouch! LOL. That's a lot of money!

But, I agree that she should not have put you on blast like that. @Troy


26 minutes ago, Pioneer1 said:

You can go to a Caucasian restaurant and even if he gives you salmonella poisoning from eating a bad lobster, as soon as you feel better you'll be RIGHT BACK at that same restaurant grinning with him as he slaps you on the shoulder and welcomes you back.....you aren't mad at him.


I don't think so, at least not for me. @Pioneer1

I agree that Black disrespect is rampant!!!--But no, that does not mean that other non-Black people don't have the same conflicts and it does not mean COMPLETELY that we as Blacks would not get angry or indignant when non-Blacks err in their businesses. 


And while I'm at it, I want to say this. Way back, years ago, when I first joined this community, I did buy a book! It was about a single Black woman who successfully raised her 

offspring. But, I never received the book!-- However, I never complained at all, because I believed that I must have made a mistake. It was my first time ordering from this community. At the time, I was disoriented and was transitioning to another home and I did not immediately follow up with my order. It probably came to my house and someone in my house may have displaced it!--Believe you, me!--This has happened several times. So, I would never even dream of blaming the company, whether it be a Black business or not, because I did not follow up myself. And since that time, I have ordered books from Troy and they came right on time! 


But Pioneer1, if someone serves me bad food, you bet, I do complain! I don't care who it is. And your wrong, non-Black people can get real ugly when you complain about their business, I know this!



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Oh no I agree non-Black people certainly don't like it when AfroAmericans complain about their establishments.
But it RARELY HAPPENS that AfroAmericans complain to them.


You go to most ghettoes and the ghetto is FULL of non-AfroAmericans (Koreans, Arabs, ect....) running shitty businesses, selling rotten meat, selling liquor and cigarettes and other things to children.  
Most AfroAmericans either ignore it or if they complain about it they do it to EACHOTHER but not to them.
One brother spent 15 minutes complaining to ME over Arabs selling cigarettes to children instead of going down and yelling at HIM about it.

But these same negroes who won't get up in an Arab's face and yell at him about selling GREEN pork-chops with worms wiggling around inside the package...he'll go into an AfroAmerican store and raise HOLY HELL  and start doing flips up and down the aisle about why a can of pork-n-beans costs $2.


The Fed Minutes | Phil's Stock World


"Man....wha'choo chargin' 2 dollars fo' dis shit fo' ????

I can go to wal-mart and get dis shit for 25 cent a can !

Da' hell you tryna do...nicca....ROB folks ????

You tryna ROB yo' people.....DAMN! "


.....and even slap bags of potato chips off the counter as he storms out the door.

Our people are often times MUCH harder on eachother for even the SLIGHTEST hint of mistreatment or injustice.

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Well I would not indict the entire race because of this one sister.  She just struck me, because she is the only one to ever put me on blast publicly -- 22+ years in the business.  Now this sister has no following on Twitter, but it was the principle of the thing.  I think some people get a kick out of this trashing Black businesses.  She called me a thief for Christ sake!


Now I will say whenever someone comes at me hard for some customer service issue it is always a Black person but they least they come as me directly, without putting our business out in the street.


Again, I knew I did not have any unresolved orders because we spent weeks clearing this stuff out and I personally handle all the Go On Girl orders


this sister never gave me her name so I reached out to one of her book club members, got her name and found the order.  Her order was mailed via UPS 3-day service and she was provided the tracking numbers.  Once tracking number are provided I don't think about the order again unless the customer complains the books did not arrive or the books are returned to me.


In this case, UPS lost one of the packages (at least it seriously delayed).  The tracking information make this plain.  Maybe she did not get the tracking numbers, maybe she does not know what to do with them.  In any event, a simple email with her name or at least an order number would have resolved this.


I emailed her and offered her refund or to reship the books. Also asked if she would be as quick to post on twitter that I did not "take her money," that the books were shipped but lost by UPS and that I made good on the order.


My people my people...

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