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Don't know Your Enemy , You don't know Yourself"

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In 2013, Dr. Oba T'Shaka predicted the rise of 45* through the tea party patriots GOP.  Wow. :mindblown:  This nearly 1 hour keynote address at the  "Free Your Mind: A Revolution In Words Literary Festival, Dr. T'Shaka (formerly bill bradley) .shares a lot of insight in what he calls "the San Francisco Freedom movement " 


I found out about the Professor Emeritus, San Francisco State University, when I stumbled upon a book note today, that I left to myself back in 2010.  The name of the book is "Return to the African Mother Principle of Male and Female Equality" Pan Afrikan Pubn; 1st Edition (June 1, 1995) - It appears Dr. T' Shaka's website is down now - https://www.obatshaka.com/    It appears that he's also published "Political Legacy of Malcolm X" and "The Art of Leadership,"

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5 hours ago, Delano said:

Have a listen


Wow -  remember when we discussed black culture here - I don't think we ever came up with a definitive description. I'm still searching.  I'd like to know how Dr. T'shaka defines Black culture.

"white-american culture" is a misnomer because most americans are actually german, followed by irish. Even Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles are mostly german descent.

Allegedly, the next largest group here in the US is those of us who ascend from Africa. ( I say allegedly because we may be the largest group but still undercounted i.e., 3/5)   In 2010, I believe that the census group decided to put an emphasis on "race" to include latinx/hispanics but like the group in the video said they aren't a "race." That's a moot point for me, I believe race is a social construct - whereas ethnicity is cultural, biological and geographical.


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It would be interesting to see what sites like ancestry.com report when it comes to the ancestries of American's.  The census is self-reported and people like to tell stories. I suspect the percentage of African Ancestry would be much higher if we used DNA.


14 minutes ago, Mel Hopkins said:

...I believe race is a social construct - whereas ethnicity is cultural, biological and geographical.


Race is a social construct.  Ethnicity really is a much better way of thinking about different groups of people -- it is certainly better than using skin color.   


@Delano the original quote may be is "Free Your Mind ... and Your Ass Will Follow" --Funkadelic  (from the title of one of their early albums)

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