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7EE66E16-DDDE-4A1F-BDD1-4905F871ACF2.thumb.png.863e8d917742e67f73615521016861b7.png When I first found out about Libro.fm I subscribed right away. Then I found out about AuthorsRepublic and I used the to distribute my audiobook along with Akoobooks. 

I believe both of these platforms deserve special attention from our community. The first one because it helps this site grow. The second is because it strengthens the bonds between those in the Diaspora and the Motherland. I would love to see which Audiobook you have on either platform. And do give mine a whirl.

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8 hours ago, Ann Bray Smith said:


What is this platform?  Never heard of it.


Hi Ann @Troy told me about Libro.fm and AuthorsRepublic. Ama Dadson the owner of Akoobooks reached out to me after seeing my AALBC post announcing the upcoming audiobook release of Auntie I Don’t You To Get Married.


Also Ama is helping to translate our work into traditional African languages. I can’t wait until we have the audiobook version of Clarence The Cabbie Confidential: Mommy Be So Mean She Takes My Money 💰 DF50C32D-258D-4E48-9FE8-50BD9F0958CB.thumb.jpeg.cf70269947543ed2b1611d5b7d0a01ea.jpeg



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