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2020 Presidential Election, WIIFU?


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Another Presidential Election is upon us and the white media is doing its job by propagandizing selected views of the voters. The so-called national news outlets intentionally leave out the concerns of the cultural collective community of Black people every four years.  The term “Black” is a legal term for the people assigned to the bottom of the ‘casted’ system in America.  The Ancestors were designated to the term (Negroes) by the British Elites lawmakers, therefore the term was transferred to us.  The truth about the origin of the term Black need to be taught to millennials and Youngers if we are to survive as a group.  Understanding this truth will help us navigate the politically and economically structure in the divided states.  Embracing this truth can better empower ourselves in the election process.  Elections are exchanges, the question we have to ask ourselves is What’s In It For Us?  The answer should be a no brainer.  If the politicians are not offering benefits designed ‘specifically’ to us as a cultural collective group, then why should we continue to participate in this circus every four years without getting tangibles? As a collective group, we have been suffering with Stockholm Syndrome since Martin Luther King was killed in 1968.  A month before King’s Assassination, the Kerner Commission released a report concluding that America’s Institutional racism drove inner-city violence.  The report declared “White racism—not black anger—turned the key that unlocked urban American turmoil.  Bad policing practices, a flawed justice system, unscrupulous consumer credit practices, poor or inadequate housing, high unemployment, voter suppression, and other culturally embedded forms of racial discrimination all converged to propel violent upheaval on the streets of African-American neighborhoods in American cities, north and south, east and west.  And as black unrest arose, inadequately trained police officers and National Guard troops entered affected neighborhoods, often worsening the violence.” Smithsonianmag.com.   Since 1968, the white supremacy regime has continued to erode away at the principle of the Civil Rights of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  Today’s young people who have taken to the streets across the country are not listening the elders from the sixties because those voices never put forth an agenda that was focused on Black people.  They became bought and paid for Negroes who bad-mouthed the cultural collectives, just as the talking heads on the national white media commonly continues to do today.  Every four years the ‘rationale’ of the Evils are negotiated.  When the truth is, right wing or left wing, the two candidates running for president are opposite sides of the same bird.  There is no lessor of the two evils.  Evil is Evil.  Donald Trump is a common criminal according to the Intercept in the Article “All the President’s Crimes.”  Another outlet HuffPost penned an article on Trump’s criminal history and why it should be front and center of the national media.  vox.com penned an article entitled ‘Trump’s criminal justice policy’ where Trump was quoted in  saying in 2015 that “we have to get a lot tougher” on crime.  In 2017, he advocated for police being rougher during arrests, claiming he’s told cops, “Please don’t be too nice.”  In his second term, he promised more police officers, stricter penalties for assaults on cops, prosecuting drive-by shooting as domestic terrorism, going after “Violent Extremist Group like ANTIFA,” and reversing reforms to end cash bail. This is the same man who called the neo-Nazi and KKK members in Charlottesville, VA ‘very fine people.’  Recently, Dictator Wannabe Trump went to Kenosha, WI in support of the 17 year old murderer who killed two protesters.  In July, Trump’s niece filed a lawsuit against him and his siblings for fraud, calling it the family ‘way of life.’ Nytimes.com. Trump’s niece (a clinical psychologist) also described him as a ‘narcissist’ and the son of a sociopath, cnbc.com and mercurynews.com. Olivia Troye, an ex-white house aide to Mike Pence, was quoted in saying ‘President Trump displayed “flat-out disregard for human life.”  She further stated that the president literally does not care about American deaths except insofar as it affects his own political standing.  “The truth is, he doesn’t actually care about anyone else other than himself,” she said. Nymag.com. Donald Trump has proven over and over that there is nothing redeeming about him.  In the past he used a metaphor about the ‘snake’ where he seemed to suggest that he is the snake in the analogy.  Although his use of the parody from the 1960 song, it was a clear indication of Trump’s ignorance of the song and the writer’s backstory.   As the articles, his family member and others from his inner-circle have stated, Trump does not care about humanity at all.  This is soulless being who currently occupies the white house.  As for Joe Biden, his bio and track record is only impressive if you are glutton for punishment or have a death wish for Black people.  After losing in the early stages of the 2020 Presidential primaries, Biden was able to get the boost he needed to secure the nomination for President after he received help from Former President Barack Obama who (according to reports) convinced some of the other candidates to drop out the race right before the South Carolina primary. msn.com.  The Daily mail reported that after the coronavirus-19 hit,  Obama later convinced Sanders to drop out in April to avoid the same thing that happened in 2016. Dailymail.co.uk. It appeared that Mr. Obama was working behind the scenes the whole time to get Jim Crow Joe Biden as the Democratic Nominee for President.  Back in 2016, Obama openly admitted that the election of Hillary Clinton would secure his legacy.  In other words, the entire community of Black people were never his concern. According to him, (translation) it was his legacy, not the killing of unarmed black people in the streets and homes were on his list of priorities.  He masqueraded around for eight years in black face, created more ‘white millionaires’ and dismissed the idea of reparation for the descendants from the American Slavery Experience.  Mr. Obama is not part of our lineage or our Ancestor’s legacies and he showed us who he really was, but not before he secured the Presidency twice.  Melanin does not equate to the American experience of Institution of Slavery.  Political rule number one:  If there is no track record supporting a black agenda or the promise to begin one, then the option should be simple, no tangibles no vote.  Jim Crow Joe Biden left Reparation out of his racial equity plan despite the left’s call for reform. Newsweek.com. Instead Jim Crow Joe insulted the demand for reparations for Black by including Native Americans. Biden said as President, he will supports additional funding for the police by $300 million. Businessinsider.com and thehill.com.  Joe Biden and the white media have downplayed the 1994 crime law that he helped to write along with his famous quote.  The New York Times wrote,  “The truth is, Mr. Biden had boasted a year earlier in a speech on the Senate floor, ‘every major crime bill since 1976 that’s come out of the congress, every minor crime bill, has had the name of the Democratic senator from the State of Delaware: Joe Biden.” Nytimes.com. This is Joe Biden’s legacy in spite of the fact that Kerner Report of 1968 gave him enough data to have crafted a much different bill. Biden did not care about the cultural collective of Black people back then, nor does he care now.  His record is the evidence.  While Biden was making laws to incentivize state prisons to lock up black men, his own children were committing crimes.  According to the nypost.com, his son Hunter Biden has a history of drugs, drunk driving, but no jail time. Biden had a double standard when it came to his own children.  His daughter Ashley was arrested for marijuana possession at 17, but prosecutor decline to pursue the charges. Years later Ashley was caught on video snorting cocaine. Washington examiner.  Joe Biden was part of the Obama Administration when seven year old Aiyana Jones was killed by a police bullet that struck her in the head on May 16, 2010 in Detroit, MI.  When Eric Garner (43) was choked to death on a street of Staten Island, NY by Daniel Pantaleo on July 17, 2014.  When Michael Brown (18) was killed by Darren Wilson in Ferguson, MO, who laid in the street for four hours on August 9, 2014.  When LaQuan McDonald (17) was murdered by Chicago police Jason Van Dyke on October 20, 2014. LaQuan was shot sixteen times. When 12 year old Tamir Rice was gunned down by police in a Cleveland, OH park in less than two seconds as his sister looked on November 22, 2014.  When Walter Scott (50) (a former military serviceman) was shot in the back by police officer Michael Slager in North Charleston, SC, on April 4, 2015.  When Sandra Bland (28) was found dead in the custody of the police in Waller County, TX on July 13, 2015.  When Alton Sterling (37) was executed by police in Baton Rouge, LA on July 5, 2016.  When Philando Castile (32) was killed by Officer Jeronimo Yanez in Falcon Heights, MN on July 6, 2019 while his four year old daughter watched from the back seat of the car.  Under Trump, Charleeena Lyles (30) pregnant mother was killed by two Seattle, WA police after she called them to report a burglary on June 18, 2017.  Her children were in the house during the shooting.  Joe Biden does not possess a moral or ethical high ground over Trump when it comes to the lives and the legal sanctioned killings of unarmed black people in this country.  While he was Vice-President, he nor Obama, Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch addressed police brutality in this country.  Trump is continuing the cycle.  Obama slapped the Black community in the face, particularly the grieving families by signing ‘Blue Alert’ law to protect police in 2015.  Obama showed as much contempt as Donald Trump, Joe Biden or (Copmala) Kamala Harris toward black lives.  He and his wife have shown little or no support toward the injustices in 2020.  They have taken white capital from Netflix and continued the rhetoric of pandering for the Democratic Party.  Scare tactics are no longer working to garner the black vote in the presidential elections.  The youth of today have discovered the spirit of the Ancestors and learned to take their concerns to the streets.  Our Elders were not afraid of the enforcement arm of white supremacy and fought the system politically and economically.  They preached education to be empowered.  This was their ethos for more than three centuries in the divided states before the 1960’s.  They lives revealed that they had the courage to ‘figure it out’ in the experience.  This ethos is the legacy that they left for us and generations to come.  “Having the courage to “figure it out” in the process, is the action that we have to put forth.  Voting has never been the ‘be all to end all solution’ as it’s propagated.   The voting rights act for Black people happened in 1965, not the passage of the 19th amendment in 1919.  The 19th amendment was for ‘white’ women, not Black people.  The moment the voting rights act was passed in the divided states, the white legislatures began their mission to undermine the process to disenfranchise Black people, specifically black men.  As long as the Electoral College exists, gerrymandering, voter suppression including denying ex-felons the right to vote, the presidential election is just an exercise in deciding which ‘wing’ of white supremacy will run the yard.  Neither party is trying to end White Supremacy.  In the 1960’s, the white Southern Democrats decided to leave the party because of the Civil Rights movement.  One of the trailblazer of the sixties who started a movement within the Democratic Party was Fannie Lou Hamer (1917-1977).  Ms. Hamer was one of the last authentic political champion for Civil Rights in the Democratic Party.  She started her political journey in 1962 and by 1968 had become frustrated with the political process of the Democratic Party.  Her frustration did not diminish her work as a Political Civil Rights Activist.  Ms. Hamer helped to found the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP) in 1964.  It was established in opposition to her state’s all-white delegation.  By 1968 she had begun a ‘pig bank’ to provide free pigs for black farmers. A year later she launched the Freedom Farm Cooperative (FFC), bought up land that blacks could own and farm collectively.  With donations and assistance from people like Harry Belafonte, she was able to purchase 640 acres and launched a coop store, boutique and sewing enterprise.  Also, she secured a 200 housing units for low-income family. Womenhistory.org. She was the most recent model on being self-focused and self-sufficient in the South.  The racist segregationists Democrats joined the Republican Party and continued the same coded hateful behavior leaving the so-called ‘liberal’ white moderates to pretend to support Black people.  Less than ten years after Ms. Hamer’s political advocacy changed her community, Joe Biden had become a politician with the focus of passing Anti-Black laws and subsequently continued that trajectory until he became the Vice President in the Obama Administration.  Joe Biden has more than 40 years of laws on the books that were Anti-Black.  He and Harris together have more than 70 years of Anti-Black laws to their credit.  The biggest problem we face as a collective is the desire and ability to work together as a collective unit for collective empowerment.  ‘Black First’ must become our mantra as the Black collective.  We are in a race war and the young warriors are in the streets.  To assist the warriors in the streets, the goal should be to provide them with factual evidence on how to recognize enemies that look like us.  The two party system are way ahead of us in cultivating tokens to sell out the Cultural Collective.  Two of the latest millennials to sell the soap are Symone Sanders and Daniel Cameron.  Symone Sanders (30) is a senior advisor to Joe Biden.  We have to ask questions such as: Who are they, where did they come from, how did they get the position that they are currently occupying and what are their track record on Black issues?  These questions are necessary in the vetting process.  Ms. Sanders is a native of Omaha, NE.  She was noticed by Bill Clinton when she was 16 yrs old when she lobbied to introduce him at a fundraiser in Omaha in 2006.  She was the press secretary for Bernie Sander campaign at age 25 and served as a strategist for Communication and Political Outreach at Priorities USA, a super PAC for the Democratic Party.  There is nothing in her background to suggest that she supports a black agenda, then why would we assume that she have the cultural collective best interest?  According to ketv.com Douglas County Board of Health declared Racism a Public Health Crisis on June 18, 2020.  And on September 8, 2020. 1011now.com reported that Racism was a Public Health Crisis in Lincoln-Lancaster County.  Omaha is in Douglas County.  Symone nor Joe Biden have raised these health concerns that happening in her home state and her city.  As author Adam F.C. Fletcher wrote in 2012, “Racism isn’t just a physical phenomenon in Omaha; it’s a systemic, cultural and attitudinal reality present throughout the city.”  See the website A History of Racism in Omaha.  Symone is a token millennial for the Democratic Party just as Daniel Cameron is a token millennial for the Republican Party.  Mr. Cameron is a (34), newly elected Attorney General for the State of KY.  The fact that this man is heading the State is proof that Mitch McConnell does care about justice, only power.  McConnell has spent the last twelve years packing to courts around the country with inexperience white people whom he vetted with the white supremacist ‘Federalist Party.’ In the case of Daniel Cameron, he is a figure head for the lawyers in the state of KY with only two years of experience as a clerk in the Eastern district of Kentucky and two years as the legal counsel for McConnell before he was elected by the ill-informed voters in Kentucky.  America has become a banana republic and no amount of voting in a presidential election is going to change that trajectory.  America has entered into the self-destruction phase.  Our Ancestors built this country, but it’s not our job to keep this ‘burning house’ from going up in flame.  It is our job to survive and teach future generations how to survive. Taking our concerns to the streets at the local and the state level gained traction for the current advocates in this country and around the world.  We are the trendsetters for the world regardless if we want to be or not.  Breonna Taylor’s death is an example how the two party political system work together when it comes to killing us.  Thomas Wine, Jefferson County Attorney is a democrat who had a history of racist language in the court room of Circuit Court Judge Olu Stevens.  By in 2015, Wine faced allegations of trying to get an ‘all-white jury.’ Wdrb.com. He recused himself in Breonna Taylor’s while attempting to prosecute Kenneth Walker, the boyfriend and defender against the police who entered their home with a no-knock warrant, shooting Ms. Taylor and allowing her to die without offering first act to her on March 13, 2020.  Mr. Wine used the same playbook of passing to buck that the Missouri prosecutor used in the Michael Brown Case where the (secrecy) of the grand jury was allowed to let a killer cop avoid charges.  The enforcement arm of white supremacy, i.e., the police, the prosecutors, the attorney generals and the white supremacy court systems are all on the same page when it comes to harming Black people.  The 2020 election is definitely not a year for Black people to vote for either candidates unless they can explain WIIFU.  

Chaplain B.BCC, iad2bfree@outlook.com, 9/28/2020.

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I said it before and I'll say it again:

For MOST AfroAmericans*  it's better for Trump to stay in office and continue doing what he's doing.

....which is ruining the fabric of the nation and destroying the integrity and credibility of traditional institutions.


Theoretically, what many are hoping for is that Biden/Harris will get in and restore the economy and social stability and get things back to "normal" or how they were before Agent Orange took office.   The same thing President Obama did after G.W. Bush left office.

But is that what we REALLY want?

I can understand why Caucasians would want things to get back to "normal"; they were doing GREAT.
But should WE as AfroAmericans want things to get back to "normal" in this society?
Or do we want MASSIVE CHANGE that will benefit us and our progeny for countless generations to come?
If so, that probably won't happen as long as things remain "normal" in this society.


Let's look at what WAS "normal" in this society before the pandemic:

-Most AfroAmericans working on jobs (if they worked at all) that they DIDN'T LIKE, the wages were decreasing and the work demands increasing
-Extremely high unemployment rate for AfroAmericans.
-Every 15 years or so a new "drug" hit the streets getting causing more crime, addiction, and social instability
-Unarmed Black men, women, and children being shot down in the street by racist law enforcement
-Hundred of thousands  of AfroAmericans warehoused in jails and prisons with little hope for many of them inside OR when they get out
-Millions and millions of immigrants coming to the United States each year to get jobs, get businesses, and some even getting rich, but most making it CLEAR that they want nothing to do with AfroAmericans

Is THAT what some of you want to get back to?

I say TOTAL COLLAPSE of society would be much better than going back to that.


Because AFTER total collapse there is usually a RE-building process that atleast gives you the opportunity to learn from past mistakes and build things even better.


What's in it for us?

A NICE BRIGHT BEAUTIFUL future welcomes us as AfroAmericans!
However we have to get PAST the chaos of this crumbling establishment first so that a new one can be built.



* By "most" I'm not talking about the fortunate few who like the smartest rats in a maze  somehow found a way to "make it" in America..... but the majority of people who are struggling to support themselves in this society, 


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On 9/28/2020 at 6:52 PM, AJJones1007 said:

There is no lessor of the two evils.  Evil is Evil.


Sure there is. There are degrees eveything.


On 9/29/2020 at 8:12 AM, Pioneer1 said:

I say TOTAL COLLAPSE of society would be much better than going back to that.


I hear you man, but the Civil War was a total collapse and while we are definitely better in it's aftermath. I think we can improve things without so much death and distruction.


Sadly Pioneer1, you and @AJJones1007 appear to be on the same page when it comes voting in the next presidential election.


Choosing not to vote over voting makes no sense to me. Where is the upside in not voting?


It is better to vote for 45 than not to vote at all.


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The Civil War wasn't a total collapse.
Infact, it wasn't a collapse at all.

It would have been a collapse if the SOUTH had won.

But yeah, we're better off than we were during Chattel Slavery (slavery still exists in prison) but AfroAmericans collectively aren't better off than they were during the Reconstruction years between 1870-1920.



Choosing not to vote over voting makes no sense to me. Where is the upside in not voting?

From a practical point of view, you could be doing something better.
Something you enjoy.
Rather than wasting time doing something non-constructive.

For example......

If I were unemployed I would rather lay on the couch and watch pornography than get up, get in my vehicle, and drive to Wendys just to apply for a job that pays $8 an hour. and apply for a job at Wendy's to make only $8 an hour.

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I say TOTAL COLLAPSE of society would be much better than going back to that.


Because AFTER total collapse there is usually a RE-building process that atleast gives you the opportunity to learn from past mistakes and build things even better.


What's in it for us?


WIIFU? I think if Hiram what's his name were alive today, I think he could tell you that. So could Lincoln. They both lived through a total collapse of (slave) society (even Pioneer has said he sees Civil War 2.0 coming) and us bitchin' 150+ years later should tell us that we betta vote and we bettta vote EN MASSE, for the total collapse of society is imminent and in a world, as in the 1800's, where not only do whites outnumber blacks 7 to 1, and each has 3,4,5 times more guns and the will to use them, than blacks, that is not the answer. 


As for the OP, which btw advocates the same passive, victim of whomever runs the country, attitude. well, from my experience, I'd guesstimate conservatively, as fully half of ALL Americans didn't vote in 2016, that at least 30% of those black who didn't vote did NOT because they agree with the notion that we're whipped, and should just stay out of white folks business. 
Which leads us to the fallacy underlying this whipped passivity/"don't vote" mentality, namely, that someone has mixed up the concept of freedom with the concept of voting. Voting has nothing to do with freedom. No people in the history of the world has voted their way to freedom. Freedom is the "bullet" part in Malcolm's challenge to white America, "Ballots or Bullets"; the "bullet" is revolution. Voting (ballots) is an act of the status quo, or as Booker T. Washington noted, of "casting down your bucket where you are." Even though voting does not set you free, it gives you a say in the political arena. When people are bullied, verbally abused, treated like crap and outright murdered, as outlined in the OP... and SAY NOTHING!!!!!.... well, there's an old saw for that --- Silence equals Consent.


Not voting is not cool. It's at best misguided (at worst... white man got yo' mind). There is a reason the Republicans are gerrymandering voting districts all over the country. Why black Louisianans got off work and found that 90% of their polling places had been moved across town; why black Atlantans stood in lines running out polling place doors into and down the street and around the corner to vote in their gubernatorial race.... while white Atlantans  walked into their polling places, voted, and were back on  the streets in 10 minutes. And, oddly, it hails back to the principle of "If you're born on American soil, you're an American." (More than anyone, Hiriam would know this).


At the end of the Civil War, when blacks comprised fully 1/3 of all Southern inhabitants,  whites enacted "voter suppression" laws,  the most infamous being: "If your grandfather couldn't vote, neither can you." Since no freedman's grandfather could vote, no African-American could EVER vote (think about it). To circumvent this infamy, the "born on American soil and you are an American with all the rights and privileges pf a citizen, INCLUDING voting" principle came into being.  Take that with the federal government 'monitoring' voting in Southern states to prevent black voter suppression (that recently ended), and it makes one wonder why, if throughout our history, TPTB have been so hell-bent on STOPPING the black vote that bruthas on the street corner have decided is worthless. With all the proof to the contrary, kinda boggles the mind. Or, maybe, more than we recognize: White man got us culud folks' mind... ..

You want freedom? Start a revolution. Until then, work within  the system and vote for people who won't hurt you.... rather than give tacit "silence equals consent" approval to the Trumps of the world whose SOLE aim is a political equivalent to putting ads in the newspapers calling for your execution for crimes you did not commit. Street corner bullshiit is not cool; passive, laid-back, WILLING victim is a tool.... and we know of what and whom.


I'm not voting for Biden because he's the lesser of the 2 evils. I'm voting for him because he won't hurt me while I get my house in order. 
It's politics, not a gentleman's agreement. It's chess, not checkers.
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4 hours ago, Guest FAS said:

There is a reason the Republicans are gerrymandering voting districts all over the country. Why black Louisianans got off work and found that 90% of their polling places had been moved across town





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for the total collapse of society is imminent and in a world, as in the 1800's, where not only do whites outnumber blacks 7 to 1, and each has 3,4,5 times more guns and the will to use them, than blacks, that is not the answer. 


Although I've said it before on this particular site I hadn't repeated it in THIS thread (until now) because it can be too disturbing for some people........

However I've said that while SOME AfroAmericans are doing very good...most are not and being TOTALLY annihilated may actually prove to be much better for AfroAmericans collectively than for this current system of things to remain and run it's course.   If this thing doesn't fall and you continue MAINTAINING a system you think is better than nothing.  You're actually prolonging the suffering of AfroAmericans collectively.


Because if you think the FIRST 400 years for AfroAmericans in this land was rough....you wouldn't want to see what some of our people will end up going through if it continues on the course it has been going for the past 40 years.


Slavery would be a JOKE compared to what they have planned for AfroAmericans now that technology and central Americans have been brought in to do much of their physical work.  

You just....((shakes head)).....you just would NOT want to be around to see it.

A lot of young people who contract HIV commit suicide upon getting the diagnosis.
And people shake their heads and say what a shame, how could someone so young be so "silly" and make such a big mistake.

But if you go to a hospital and see some of those who decided to "live through it" and end up with full blown AIDS.....
If they are still able to talk many of them may tell you they WISH they had committed suicide early on and gotten it over with than to go through the shit they are currently going through.
Death would be welcomed with open arms.


What I'm trying to say is AfroAmericans collectively have very little to lose if society collapsed.





It's politics, not a gentleman's agreement. It's chess, not checkers.

Problem is, in Presidential politics Caucasians not only own the board and pieces you're playing with but they actually MAKE THE RULES.
So why should we continue to participate in a game we have little control over?



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roll over and die?



Stock up on food, medical supplies, and try to stay safe and survive while waiting for the chaos to come to a head and then end.


Then resurface and help the survivors rebuild a brand new society.

Lol....me and the other survivors may even journey to Oklahoma looking for you (hopefully you're still around)  so you can tell me I was right!

Might even swing by Chicago on my way from Michigan to scoop up Cynique (and her daughters....they should be close to my age) and bring them with me and my crew...on our way over there!

Honestly bro, at nearly 50 as an AfroAmerican man in THIS society.....I just want the shit over with.
I'm ready for something new.

I don't give a damn about the Biden camp, the Trump camp, DACA, mail-in ballots,.....it's meaningless to me at this point.


You made a thread the other day talking about how tired you are of the bad news and try to avoid it.  It's only going to get worse and worse until the house of cards comes tumbling down.

Pretend that Biden won.
So what do you have to look forward to?

Increased cases of Coronavirus?

Mandatory vaccines?

What's the nice big prize that Black folks can expect to get from EITHER one of them being in that office that they can look forward to?


A really nice birthday present - KPAO by Dave Cortright

Besides more of the same.........




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If I had enough disposable income to....I would.

Right now the money should go to more important priorities.

Maybe if I had a nice big mansion
About 10 or 15 (older) women running around butt naked inside
Thousands of acres of property in my name
And sitting on atleast $25 million

.....I would feel MUCH differently!

I would not only be voting but I would be HEAVILY involved in all political matters as well as the school board and everything else.
I would have too much to lose to NOT be involved!

One of the fatal mistakes that ultra-capitalists make is that in their extreme greed.....they let TOO MANY people fall under the cracks.
Which means that usually there's a sizable amount people who just don't give a damn anymore, have given up on success, and have no vested interest in maintaining the society or it's values since they don't benefit from it anyway.



They SHOULD take their cues from the Mafia and make sure EVERYONE has atleast a little "taste" of something so that everyone is atleast satisfied.
That way they will help defend the Boss and keep the racket going!

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45 understands that.  That is why he was emptying the jails and passing out checks.


If Biden wins in November right when all the prohibitions against foreclosures and evictions end, Biden will be burdened with all that misery.  You think you have seen unrest so far?  Wait until 2021.

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Wow. I want to live. I want to vote today so I can fight tomorrow. I'm savvy enough to know that if Trump recovers and continues the country's march to societal collapse, hordes of racist cretins armed to the teeth with ak-47s and ar-15s will do search and destroy missions for me and everyone who looks like me.... and destroy us. Yes, I can take a couple with me, maybe even a lot, but.... I want to live. I want to live until the time blacks who do not frequent message boards, or do so incognito, have a Plan A, B, and hopefully, C to point our people out of chaos and into FREEDOM... the ultimate goal. We cannot despair. We can't make doomsday plans benefitting ourselves only ("I've got mine - you get yours!").  We're a people. We made this journey from COVID-1619 to COVID-19. One step forward, 2 steps back, then a leap of faith forward! To give up on yourself, your people, is to fail your ancestors who when they first set foot on American shores, looked out upon a wilderness. It was OUR ancestors who felled the virgin forests, who drained the malaria-filled swamps, who broke the ground, planted, hoed and picked the crop that made New York rich and America a beacon to the world. Racist monsters, white supremacist scum. murderous Blue trash.... they didn't dispirit your ancestors such that they gave up, lay down and died 


"They beat your body, ancestor; made keloid stripes upon it. No one touched my body, but they whipped me, ancestor; the Proud Boys and the white supremacist POTUS whipped me - mentally, spiritually, emotionally, leaving me with so little faith in our people that I have a Death Wish for the race."


I want to live. I can't whip a racist dog today, so I will vote today....so I can fight tomorrow. Like Claud McKay exhorted blacks of the 1920's, I will never not resist:


If we must die, let it not be like hogs
Hunted and penned in an inglorious spot,
While round us bark the mad and hungry dogs,
Making their mock at our accursèd lot.
If we must die, O let us nobly die,
So that our precious blood may not be shed
In vain; then even the monsters we defy
Shall be constrained to honor us though dead!
O kinsmen! we must meet the common foe!
Though far outnumbered let us show us brave,
And for their thousand blows deal one death-blow!
What though before us lies the open grave?
Like men we'll face the murderous, cowardly pack,
Pressed to the wall, dying, but fighting back!


My brothers. We're better than the defeated, p(OTUS)-whipped musings on this thread.

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14 hours ago, Troy said:

45 understands that.  That is why he was emptying the jails and passing out checks.

Trump wasn’t emptying the jails. That was the Democratic State Legislatures, and City Councils and Mayors and Governors.


The First Step act was geared towards reintegration of felons into society.

7 hours ago, Guest FAS said:


If we must die, let it not be like hogs
Hunted and penned in an inglorious spot,
While round us bark the mad and hungry dogs,
Making their mock at our accursèd lot.
If we must die, O let us nobly die,
So that our precious blood may not be shed
In vain; then even the monsters we defy
Shall be constrained to honor us though dead!
O kinsmen! we must meet the common foe!
Though far outnumbered let us show us brave,
And for their thousand blows deal one death-blow!
What though before us lies the open grave?
Like men we'll face the murderous, cowardly pack,
Pressed to the wall, dying, but fighting back

One of my favorite poems since High School. I don’t agree with your contention. There are no hoards of Armed White coming to exterminate Blacks. There maybe hoards of Asians.


If you look at the unrest in the cities it is being done in the name of Black lives  matters. The concept which is self evident to anybody has be assumed by an organization called Black Lives Matters which wants to destabilize the Black Community.


Poverty and a poor mindset is the biggest enemy to America. Criminality is also a major contributing factor. Frustration at not knowing the land mines in the judicial process is also one.


Many conservatives will say it’s the lack of fathers, but not as important as making sure children have a safe environments from gangs and gang life.

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If Biden wins in November right when all the prohibitions against foreclosures and evictions end, Biden will be burdened with all that misery.  You think you have seen unrest so far? 


I noticed that and I'm sure many other people did also.


He's working from BOTH angles.

He's gonna bribe you into voting for him (or atleast that was the plan until he got sick) by passing out those IRS checks right before election.

And by extending the moratorium only until December (which doesn't seem to be very effective because hundreds of thousand have STILL been evicted and put out on the street) he's indirectly telling people that if you don't vote for him and he loses.....he won't extend it for you!



You think you have seen unrest so far?  Wait until 2021.


Man I've told you, I BELIEVE (because I don't know...I'm not a fortune teller) that 2021 is going to be the year that things turn around for AfroAmericans and we collectively become VERY successful starting around the late Winter early Spring.

What you, I, and other AfroAmericans with good sense must do right now is seek shelter and BE SAFE.
Try to avoid as much madness and chaos as we can as this society collapses so we can live through it and make it on the OTHER SIDE where I believe success is waiting on us.











What you said was lovely and poetic but it was based in EMOTION, not logic.

And when it comes to serious matters I tend to prefer COLD LOGIC over STICKY-SWEET EMOTION because it usually proves to be more pratical.



I'm savvy enough to know that if Trump recovers and continues the country's march to societal collapse, hordes of racist cretins armed to the teeth with ak-47s and ar-15s will do search and destroy missions for me and everyone who looks like me.... and destroy us.


Perhaps this illustrates the difference in our mind sets or what we consider success.


Think about what you're saying.......

Here's a bunch of racist White men with guns "standing by" to attempt a racial slaughter.

And you're saying we should vote for ONE White man and hope he gets in so that he protects us from ANOTHER White man.


While I'm saying that our community shouldn't be in that position to BEGIN WITH.
Because if those racists armed militias exists under Trump....they're going to exist under Biden too,  and it will only be a matter of time before they are activated no matter WHO is president.

Furthermore, I don't know what it feels like to be a woman but I know most women have an innate desire to feel protected.
How secure do you feel believing that the men of your community have become so weak, docile, and unorganized that while a few may fight back many of them will simply ALLOW gangs of racists to go door to door killing their own women and children and elderly while THEY hide in a closet somewhere with their hands over their ears trying to drown out the screams and gunshots?


Perhaps this is where logic overrules emotion and even the survival instinct  but IF what you said was true.....
Wouldn't logic dictate that relatively quick DEATHS from mass slaughter be better than continuing to live with weak and pathetic men who can't protect you or your children and living with the knowledge that anytime they get ready the racists can attack?

Who wants to continue to live under such pitiful, helpless, and stressful conditions?

Black folks sure do take pride in "surviving" and talking about what all they went through and how they're still surviving in oppression, while a lot of other people would just KILL THEMSELVES before ending up in such a pitiful condition.

Imagine a JAPANESE man standing at the gas station begging for money with some dirty shoes on and a bottle of malt liquor in his hand grinning at you with a mouth full of yellowish brown teeth as he preaches to you about what all he "survived" and how much he's been through in his life.

You probably couldn't imagine it because you probably HAVE NEVER seen it.

But guess who you DO see standing around babbling and acting crazy at the gas station.....................





"Yeah, I been around da block a few times.
Yeah, I been caught up with diss and dat
But I'm still here!
I'm still ALIVE!
See what I'm saying......
I'm a SURVIVOR....na'da'mean??
Hee hee heeeeee....
Cain't nobody put me down!!!!!
I'm go LIVE baby baaaabaaaaayyyy!!!"


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Pot calling the pan black, much? Your entire post is emotion-based. There are not facts; there is no logic. Especially with your concluding "poem," a paean to black male degradation. A degradation bankrupt of ideas and as greasy with emotion as your subject meme..


As for your series of strawman arguments, tell them to the defeated brothers, like the one in your meme, who look up to you as the smartest one at the gas station. IRL, your words belie their perception.


If Trump recovers and continues his societal destruction that leads to your stated prescience of Civil War 2.0, there will be "hordes of racists with ak-47s and ar-15s on search and destroy missions in the black community."  Unlike your faithless, pulled out of thin air, opinings, my ideation is founded on history -- The Black Wall Street, Rosewood, numerous small towns in the South where blacks were run out of town and those who didn't run fast enough were murdered, Kyle Rittenhouse,  Save the word-twisting, pseudo-logic and death wish of the spiritually defeated, for the brothers on the corner and at the gas station. 


Btw, Claud McKay's poem was not for you. It was a summation of how FAS, who prefers life over death and knows how to play chess, feels. My flow, which some obviously find daunting, though admirable, was an historical summation of black ancestors' first sight of America when they stepped off the boat. If rather than making emotion-driven ad hominem attacks, you disagree with my assessment and are serious about a convo,  be happy to have at it.


As for BLM... lol! You're a johnny-come-lately to that Republican-regurgitated position. Daniellegfny already has it covered.



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Maybe like Daniel says I use too many words to make a simple point.
My point is.............

I predict that Trump's current moves are setting the stage for something that will become much bigger and better (for us) than he or the other White Supremacists anticipate so I prefer HIM to remain in office for however long he's got. (I just can't bring myself to actually vote for him)
Those racists militias and their "attempt" to execute Black people outright (as opposed to the covert operations they've been engaging in against our people for decades)  is PRECISELY one of the things that will lead to OUR victory as AfroAmericans....if you only knew.

Trump is bringing everything out in the open.
All of the hatred.
All of the corruption.
All of the wicked genocidal plans.

He's exposing it all.....and our people are WAKING UP as a result.

But you prefer Biden/Harris.
Who will just calm things down, so that everyone can hold hands again.
KEEP those racist militias on "stand by" for just a little bit longer, while the more refined racists put more of our people BACK to sleep.
Gives White Supremacy more opportunity and time to inflict shame, suffering, and death on more of our people for I don't know how long.


I don't have a "death wish" as you put it.....LOL.
However, even IF I was wrong about our predicted victory (and I don't believe I am)....
And even IF the racist militias were successful (and I don't believe they will be).....
I don't know about you but I believe in an Afterlife, so wouldn't a quick fast death over in a matter of weeks be much better than a slow torturous one by another 400 years of disease, police brutality, and defacto slavery through more mass incarceration?

Again, Trump and his OVERT calls to White Supremacists to war.....is still prefered. 

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