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Why Trump Should Stay In Office Until..................


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Please read this carefully so as not to get the wrong understanding:




Unless this planet gets hit by a giant asteroid or otherwise  destroyed, currently AfroAmericans pretty much have 2 directions they can go to try and increase their success:


1. Keep Trump in office so that this society can continue to deteriorate and eventually collapse.

2. Or get Biden in office so that he can clean up SOME of the mess that has been made and maintain this society.



Let's take a brief and practical look at both options, shall we............



1. If Trump stays in office, unemployment poverty and destitution will continue to increase dramatically, society will become more hostile, more openly racist, more racist militias and other groups will form, and things will generally become more and more chaotic UNTIL things finally come to a head and society COLLAPSES....which wouldn't be far away at the rate things are going.
This in my opinion would be GREAT for AfroAmericans collectively because the system that held our people back will finally be destroyed. 

This road  leads to MORE OPTION.
After chaos and collapse you don't KNOW what you're gonna get.
You may be anihilated OR you will get a brand new society that is much better than you could ever imagine!




Haiti: beautiful beaches, mountaintop fortresses, unspoilt nature and voodoo



For Black Women, Hard Work Doesn't Always Pay Off | NWLC


"Y'all kids don't know how good you have it today"

"Come on, were things really THAT bad in the old world  GrandMama????"

"Child, if you only knew just SOME of the things your people went through

before the collapse.
Now let's hurry up girl and pick these herbs so we can have them for 
supper tonight!"










2.  Get Biden in office, and he does what Obama, Clinton, and other Democrats do when they get in office after Republican Presidents.....clean up SOME of the mess that was made.
Yeah...he fixes up a FEW problems while leaving the bulk of what Trump did intact.
He eases the foot of White Supremacy off the necks of AfroAmericans for just a LITTLE BIT enough for you to breath, be content, satisfied, and complacent.
Basically fixes things up just enough so that society doesn't collapse and he keeps the White Supremacist system clunking along for 4 or 8 years more!

Which means MORE OF THE SAME for AfroAmericans!
More police brutality.
More loss of businesses and home ownership 
More broken and dysfunctional families
More crime and violence in the 'hood
More diseases coming out each year
If you think Covid is bad THIS year, they're talking about it recurring each year like the flu!

Keep in mind, Biden doesn't END these problems.

He just SLOWS THEM DOWN to Obama era levels, which means you SLOWLY suffer for year after year after decade after decade.....keep it going.
Keep things in place.

This road leads to FEW options.
Just more of the same.
You can pretty much PREDICT what you're gonna get......more Black men crying on CNN





CNN Anchor Swoons Over Gaga, Bradley Cooper Oscars Duet: 'I Just Got  Pregnant' (Video)

"There there Mr. Williams....
You  have our thoughts and prayers.
Uh, can you tell us what happened to your daughter on that terrible terrible night."





black guy crying on tv show | Meme Generator


"I'm sorry for being so emotional but...

It's just so HARD being a Black man in America.
Why they have to shoot my little girl THAT many times???
What did she do wroooooong????"




Now if you're doing GREAT and love the way things are, or atleast the way they were.....say....7 years ago, then you want Biden.
But for ME personally, the choice is CRYSTAL CLEAR.

At my age, I want to see MAJOR CHANGES FOR THE BETTER for both myself and my people (AfroAmericans).....and more of the same WILL NOT get us there!

Trump and the chaos of his Presidency is taking this nation DIRECTLY where it  needs to go!


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I'm not saying you should vote for Trump.
If you want to you can, it's a personal decision.
I didn't and I'm not going to because I don't support him, I support him being IN OFFICE.
There's a difference.
He was PUT in that office (Divinely I believe) to do a job that NEEDS to be done.


Some of you have been hoping and praying and wishing for a CHANGE in your lives, but when REAL CHANGE comes your way you get scared and go running back inside the House of Horrors you just managed to sneak out of.



When guys be scared of dogs - YouTube


"Oh lawdy!
I know the house is haunted but....
I wanna leave but.....
It's sooo cold outside.

Maybe if I voted for the RIGHT demon to haunt the house
and stay up in my room, and mind my own business,
 and lock the door.....maybe I can stay and put up with it!"



Brother Malik (Malcolm) said, when massa's house catches on fire the HOUSE NEGRO runs to put it out while the FIELD NEGRO prays that a strong wind comes to fan the flames and burn it the hell up!


I don't want anyone who is going to "fix" this system!
I prefer the man who'll fuck it up the most!

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