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Sporting the AALBC Bestseller Seal a Great Way to Help Promote Your Book


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The AALBC.com Bestselling Book, Different and the Same by Adijah & Atiya Brabham, has been republished TODAY in a larger format — great for reading with a child. It also sports AALBC Bestseller’s seal!


An AALBC Bestselling Book Different and the Same



Making a bestsellers list is always a good thing.  Over the last 24 years AALBC has had over 1,400 bestselling books. Interestingly, most authors fail to exploit the achievement, so it is refreshing to see it happen. 


Adijah and Atiya went the extra step of actually printing the bestseller on the latest version of their book.  Some authors apply the stickers. 


Because most authors/publishers don't do this I'm always extra supportive of those that do! It is a goo way to get some free promotion out of AALBC. I'll be offering a deal on this book shortly 🙂




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