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Today, while still young, may ultimately evolve into a moment long remembered by all of us for some time to come. This Election has been huge, but later  the dust will settle and you will check off the things you would like to see occur in exchange for your vote. Nothing will change in some places, and in others, there may be change for us as a collective, but while we are trying to peep what others can will or might do for us, we must look to see what we can do for ourselves. We, I am sure, can all find things for which we would enjoy planting our flag, but I know that if we don't take immediate steps to preserve our literary heritage, then we will find ourselves written out and wiped out of the literary conversation just like we have already been written out of history. If we now let them control the narrative of our fiction, then who will be there to speak for us. We have lost our historical narrative. Do we now elect to tarnish the richness of the urban experience by sitting back and watching doors closed on our own ability to tell our stories as we have seen and lived them. I remember being mad in the joint when I read a book called Freedomland or something. It was a white man writing about the black experience. How dare he? Only we can tell our stories, but can we do  it without platforms like AALBC. Not hardly.


We need a place where we can write and tell our stories without interference. We need AALBC. We must take steps just to insure its survival so that we can continue to dialogue. AALBC, whether you know it or not, is like our THINK TANK. At least, that is how I see. Look at how the landscape has changed over the years as black owned book stores have dwindled down to nothing, What's next. Black sites like this one. I know many of you are familiar with the GReat RESET because I have seen mention of it here so you have to know that one of the key proponents of the RESET is to eliminate all the poor performing businesses and to  eliminate them as this is truly an 'only the strong survive' agenda. Who is more vulnerable to a RESET than anything black, and cyber business is just as vulnerable as brick and store establishments.


Now, that the race is over for the soul of America, let's join the race to SAVE THE SOUL OF BLACK AMERICA!  Save our literary heritage. I believe that the lifeblood of any people is sustained via its literature. What can you do to join this CALL 2 ACTION?

1, Continue to support the site with your participation

2. Invite friends to the site

3. Join FB book clubs and make them aware of AALBC

4 Buy books from this site

5 Sell books on this site.  

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5. Sell books on this site.


This raised another problem with the Black Book Ecosystem and that is; distribution.


I pull this conversation into the #ReadingBlack club.  I'm thinking about restricting access and making it private. 


We have to use our platforms places to communicate, Facebook can not be our home base.



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