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Boy ths new format stinks


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Once again, I agree with you, Chrishayden.

I guess it's a sign of the times that this site has been transformed into an Index which provides data. It is no longer an open forum because carrying on a discussion is like navigating an obstacle course. Gone is the spontaneity and intimacy. :(

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Since NOBODY said anything negative about the new format I rolled with it.

This board was up for at least 1/2 a year; I solicited feedback and it was all essentially positive.

That said, I hear y'all.

The biggest issue I find with the new software is that when you first connect it really is not clear what you can do, or even what you should do. There is an implicit assumption that one would have a clue what is going on and is familiar enough with the technology to just jump in an get going.

Yeah, it just takes some getting used to.  Keep in mind that old software was in use for 8 years and was really showing it's age. Technology years are like dog years! Using any piece of software for 8 years is almost unheard of I did not upgrade the software for the heck of it. I upgraded because I had to. The old software had deficiencies that were addressed by modern software. Even the ability to add new users was hampered by spam bots.   The last discussion baord software change, in 2002, was for the same exact reason.

Microsoft, the first dicsssion baord software vendor, simply abandoned the application (they are known to do this). The next software vendor Discusware had not upgraded their software in about 4 years and they had essentially no support. This vendor appears to be much better. However I know one day they too may go out of business or abandon this application. At which time I'll be forced look for new software again or implement whatever has taken the place of dicssuon baord software.&nbsp; <BR><BR>It is part of the game and why few even bother to play, for the long haul.

Similarly, the main reason for the AALBC.com website upgrade was to change the underlying technology used to build the website. This change would mean nothing to a visitor, but was actually quite significant (actually traumatic for meohmy.gif) The old board had the benefit (at least upon initial inspection) of enabling you to see, very quickly, what was going on:&nbsp; what are&nbsp;new converations, where the new posts were made, who posted last, etc.

This new board is actually so feature rich even I discover new things occasionally.&nbsp; But I realize those feature lend to the complexity and subtract from the "intimacy".

I also realize some people will never learn to set their VCR clock either.&nbsp; There is a trade off between features and ease of use. Given what I know about most of the users of the old board, they are generally quite technically saavy. I'm was pretty confident they would be able to adapt to the new format.

The only question is would they want to...&nbsp; I hope they will. I also hope some new blood would invigorate the conversation as well. Time will tell.

Again, once you get used to the new format it is not so bad, you might even realize how much better it is... Actually if you use the Low Fi version you may like that better as it is much more similiar to the old board click here to check it out.

No one person make a discussion board but I for one enjoy your voices I hope you two can handle the change and continue to contribute your sage wisdom and nonesense...

Seriously if you, or anyone, has specific suggestions for improving the baord -- Maybe there is something I can do. Drop me an email or post your suggestion here.

Chris, Cynique let me know what you think about the low-fi version. This is the format I use when I access the boards with my cell phone.



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Guest Nubianpoet

I enjoy the color transformation because I had a voice in it! I agree with the other 2 oldies but goodies!

I am glad you got rid of the ghastly voting stars. I think that move helped bring more posters to this site, peace! :lol:

Good 2 see my favortie poster, CH.


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I understand your dilemma, Troy. And you just have to consider how hard it is to teach an old dog new tricks. :huh:

I guess my problem has to do with when I post a reply, it's like it disappears into the nether world and I have to go looking for what I said and where I said it. But, since nobody else but the other old dog is complaining, I will just have to go along with the program. BTW, how do you delete posts? <_<

I clicked on to the link you provided and I guess I was looking at what you said it was. I think it was something I had discovered myself through trial and error... Oh well. :unsure:

I'm lovin the smiley emoticons, anyway.

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Guest careycarey

One problem I was having, I corrected in "settings". Like Cynique, I couldn't follow the flow of the discussions. I found myself clicking all over the place. Well, before I changed it, the replies (at the bottom of the original post) were only names followed by a few words. I didn't know what was said before them or after them. In the "settings" drop-down, there's a box that allows a person to view all the comments just like they were on the old board.

I do like the e-mail notification feature. Of course though, a person is only notified if they clicked that option in "settings". Also, they will only be notified of future comments if they have commented to that thread (a particular thread). Well, I think that's the way it goes. Anyway, I like that feature as well, because I don't want to know when someone is talking about black women's problems with black men or why black women should date white men :( . I rather read the obituary columns :rolleyes:

I hope this helps, because like many, at first I was thouroughly confused.

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Guest Nubianpoet

This is the only subject that I asked for notifications. I like this addition, also, thanks.

BTW, Rondall, my nephew didn't win the 3 pt. competition this year, good grief:(

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