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Pastor. Barber. Poor. And. Homeless .

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Pastor. Barber. Talks. About. The. Poor. And. The. Homeless. Does. He. Talk. About. Rich. Black. Preachers. Stealing. Taking. Church. ,Money. To. Buy. Cars. Mansions. ?? Stop. Taking. Your. Money. To. ,Church. You. Will. See. What. Kind. Of. Preacher. You. Got. .Preachers. Are. Snakes.  The. Church. Is. A. Pimp. House. And. A,Slave. Cabin. Millions. Of. Church. Money. In. Black. Communities,Could. Create. Black.  Businesses. And. Jobs. ,College ,Scholarships. ...Money. Greed. Motivate. Preachers. NAACP. ,Black. ,Political. Are. Afraid. Of. Preachers. ....

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It appears that many of our people have decided to make a living off of being permanent complainers.

As oppressive and destitute conditions increase in society; instead of organizing to actually SOLVE problems in the community....they've decided to grab a bullhorn and march up and down the streets crying and complaining about them day in and day out.

George Floyd protest: John Boyega speaks, Keke Palmer urges soldiers

"Listen to me yall.
I might not do too much....but I got a lot to say!!!"


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