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Adam Henig June 17, 2021 - 6/8/2021


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Watergate s Forgotten Hero image

Nearly everyone who played a significant role in the Watergate saga has been scrutinized except one key participant: Frank Wills.

On the morning of June 17, 1972, in Washington D.C, Wills, a twenty-four-year-old security guard, was on duty at the Watergate Office Building when he detected a break-in and reported it to the police. The botched burglary ignited a national political scandal, resulting in the resignation of President Richard Nixon.

The only African American identified with the Watergate affair, Frank Wills enjoyed a brief moment in the limelight, but was unable to cope with his newfound fame, living the remainder of his life in obscurity and poverty.

Through exhaustive research and numerous interviews, the story of America's most famous night watchman finally has been told.

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Adam Henig is also the author of two previous books about African Americans, one focusing on writer Alex Haley and the other on Civil Rights activist Dr. Ralph Wimbish of St. Petersburg, Florida. His writings have been featured in Time, Tampa Bay Times, Washington Independent Review of Books, History News Network and the website BlackPast. For more information, visit www.adamhenig.com.


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