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Should the Church Teach and Preach Sex from the Pulpit?

Guest Rainytoo

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Guest Rainytoo

I have a blog radio talk show held Monday through Friday beginning in February 2010 from 10:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at www.blogradio.com. The first week topic will be” Should Sex Be Preach and Taught in the Pulpit?” As you are aware, the HIV/AIDS epidemic among African Americans is growing in rapid numbers. I am challenging the Churches to take more responsibility to teach their members about sex without condemning them. Please let me know what you think by completing the comment form on my website www.changemybehavior.net. I will read your comments on the show. Thanks.

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Man, I don't know HOW my computer brought me way back to posts from 2010.  Not sure what button I hit, but I found this topic quite interesting.
Especially given my current stance of not belonging to any man-made religion.

I would say YES.....they should.
They don't have to promote sex outside of marriage or homosexuality.
They can continue to preach that both are sins......those churchs who STILL preach this; because traditional Christianity as well as the Bible itself clearly says both are sins.

However nothing says they can't show videos of people having sex or even give live demonstrations with MARRIED couples up on stage having sex infront of the congregation.

How likely is that to happen?
Not sure.
Most Christians will balk at the idea.

However in an ideal world where people aren't hypocrites and recognize that sex is life giving, beautiful, and one of the greatest physical desires of this world the prevailing attitude should be: Why not?

In ancient African and Native American societies, not only was public sex common but TEACHING people how to properly have sex was also very common.
The original people didn't have sexual hang-ups and weird pervsions like the Caucasians and their culture so sex was viewed differntly.

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The Bible doesn't teach sex.
It barely even mentions it except for using vague terms like "went into" and "knew"; but it certainly doesn't teach you HOW to have sex.

I think REAL sex education should be taught where people are actually taught HOW to properly and safely have great sex.
It shouldn't be forced, but the option should be available for those who want to learn.

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