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The guilt of innocence

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Not since O.J. Simpson was aquitted has there been an uproar like this one following the "not guilty" verdict rendered in the Casey Anthony trial. And none are more outraged than the lynch mob of TV legal experts who have been trying this case in the media. Also calling for the head of Casey are the nation’s community of loving mothers who can’t imagine how any woman could harm her own toddler.

Emotions have compounded the indignation because the public just can’t deal with how this case assaults the idea that parenthood is a privilege not a burden. To add insult to injury, party girl Casey Anthony was not only a bad mother, but she has been deemed a psychopath and a lying slut who doesn’t even know who her baby daddy is. Of all these offenses she is guilty. But, nobody’s perfect.

In spite of the histrionics of cable tv’s favorite sob sister, Nancy Grace, without sufficient evidence to establish the victim’s cause of death, a jury chose not send this dysfunctional young woman to the death chamber. Good call. The prosecution unsuccessfuly tried to prove a negative. Casey beat the rap but chances are, she will be sentenced to life as an ostracized outcast. So karma will be served.

Now all of these snarling mommies need to get over it and just go back to raising the brats who get on the nerves of everybody but their parents.

It warms the cold heart of a cynic that in the wake of all this is that the best-selling book in the country is “Go the F**k to Sleep" by Adam Mansbach, a slim little volume airing the gripes of a weary Daddy, the audio version of which is read by Samuel L. Jackson. :D

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