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An Affluent Democratic?

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 Is it possible for an individual, not politician (because most of them are well off anyway), to believe in Democratic Socialism when they are financially successful.


                                Sure, when a person is financially struggling, Socialist programs are very appealing. For example. politicians like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and AOC promise free college tuition and socialized healthcare that won't bankrupt an individual when they get sick. In some instances very progressive candidates  promise to abolish student loan debt,  which can be very devastating to someone who owes such debt. They also promise higher taxes on the rich to pay for these social programs. 


                                But, to the dusty* who remains in poverty this does not matter.  


                                They look upon the rich as having too much anyway. 


                                Part of it is class envy and the other part is realism.  The so-call 99 percent who look at the extremely wealthy 1 percent class with their palatial manors, Rolls Royces, private jets, yachts, and access to some of the most beautiful women in the world know that all of these luxuries are beyond their reach in this lifetime.


                                I know some  would call this a poverty mindset.


                                Most people don't have the drive, ambition, skills and patience to become rich.


                                The paths to riches are limited anyway. Most start up businesses fail after a short period of time. You stand a greater chance of being struck by lighting twice than winning the lottery. Many get-rich-quick schemes advertised in the mail, online, or TV(infomercials) don't work. Only a small number of Pookies and Ray Rays from the hood  who aspire to become rappers or baller are successful. People who go to Hollywood to find themselves seldom become the next big movie stars.


                                So, the poor dusty who struggles from paycheck to paycheck to barely put food on the table looks at the astronomical wealth and toys the 1 percent has and thinks "why should  they not be willing to have their wealth redistributed to help those who are less fortunate."


                                 But, when a person is able to lift themselves out of poverty and become wealthy, is he or she still willing to give up a certain percentage of income through taxation to fund the programs that person once relied upon when he or she was destitute?  Some politicians would like to impose a 40 percent tax rate on the well-to-do.


                               *To use online urban vernacular, a dusty is a man(usually a black man) who is low quality, poor, broke, and has no ambition



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Bernie Sanders never inspired confidence in his positions, which is why this turkey could never win the Democratic Party nomination. Even many of his own supporters admitted this.

But 12% of his disappointed, dumb butt fanatic followers voted for Trump in 2016.

Socialism is a failed economic system and plopping the word Democratic in front of it is not going to make it all nice and shiny.

12% of Bernie supporters defected to Trump to in 2016

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17 hours ago, anonymous50 said:

 Is it possible for an individual, not politician (because most of them are well off anyway), to believe in Democratic Socialism when they are financially successful.              


Yes.  It is possible for a *financially successful* person to believe in democratic socialism.  


The meaning of success and rich varies from one person to another. 


While a handful of folks have become wealthy in the modern era, wealth is usually built and handed down over several generations.


Nordic countries have practiced a form of socialism that seems to work for them. Canada does well with it too.


I believe socialism works in places where racism is a non-issue. For example, the people of Sweden are going to take care of each other.


The US is a mixed economy nation built on a legacy of slavery and racism which makes it complicated. 😎

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