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I’m forced to eliminate guest posting on the forums


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Unfortunately, the spammers have scored another victory against freedom on the web and independent websites.


 Every day spammers use bots to create guest posts. It stated about a year ago and results in hundreds of posts a week. If i do not stay on top of it hundreds of posts will accumulate that i have to delete that is not bad but in order for The legitimate guest posts to make it through i have to sort through all the bad posts.


 This is particularly irritating as the post never see the light of day. They only serve to irritate me.


 The effort of delete queued up guest posts is simply not worth my time any more. given how easily we create accounts on the corporate sites, who will sell your information. Surely people will create accounts on sites created to support them … right?


no more guest post in will be allowed on these forums.

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True, but it disproportionately hurt indie websites as we don't have the resources to deal with this.  Eliminating guest posts will reduce participation.


Again, the solution is simple people simply have to create accounts.  


Still I have to approve every account, because spammers have bot that create bogus accounts, which I have to sift through.


There was a time when none of these precautions were necessary, but the WWW is still the wild, wild west, lawless and ruled by power thugs... 


Interestingly, the VAST majority of people who buy books from this site do not create accounts during the process.  I mean these are some of my most ardent supporters and they chose not to create accounts -- but they ALL have social media accounts where they share much more information-- I just don't get it. 


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@Troy This includes not only forums but pages for folk right? No guest comments anywhere? 


Yeah, how people can not make profiles on some sites is one of the great e-questions. I daresay that the ownership of independent websites, their non corporate nature is part of why people don't. I love aalbc to be honest. I know if I ever become truly popular, that will be the real test with my relationship to this website. But I hope I get a chance to attract many many members one day.

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Richard, I changed this on each forum individually. I did not touch the blogs, so I don’t see why anything should have changed there.

Has your blog ever been spammed? 


Thanks for your support!


Yes, if you blow up, that will be the true test of your relationship with the site 🙂

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