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Will you forgive the rent?

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I'm voting "yea" to pay the back rent if that's what it takes to keep folks from eviction, foreclosure and living on the streets. 


It's a waste of energy for fiscally responsible folks to grumble and/or complain about any form of welfare given to others.   


There will always be haves and have nots and everything in between.


Most recently, look no further than the US printing billions of dollars to help the Ukrainians. 


Then, there's the trillions of dollars spent over 20 years fighting terrorism.


The US has more than enough money to take care of its citizens. 


Unfortunately, a handful of people get to pick and choose who wins and who loses in the grand scheme of things. 


That's the game being played on a global level.😎

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I’m not so sure the federal government will be so willing to pay three years of back rent for people in New York City. Hope do you sell that to the rest of the country without giving them something too?


The solution will need to be local as the problem is local (mostly). The last place you went to be behind in your rent is New York City. 

NYC can’t not evict everyone who is behind on their rent as a result of the pandemic. They must find a solution. As does every municipality in this situation.


Up next: student loans.

On deck: health care.


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The federal government will not directly pay back rent or keep folks out of foreclosure.  It will provide funding to states to manage their issues.


Economists spend all of their time figuring out how to keep the house of cards from imploding.  They know how much debt the country can manage before triggering inflation and recession and other instruments. 😎



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1 hour ago, Troy said:


Well, they are doing a horrible job in so far as Black people are concerned.

The house that is America has never been overly concerned with the plight of Black people economically.


We have to do a better job of protecting ourselves through strategic alliances and investments.😎

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