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1921. June. Black. Wall. Street. Burned. Down !

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Read. June. 1, 1921. Black. Wall. Street. Burned. Down. Destroyed,By,,Racist. White. Trash. Terrorist. ......Racist. White,Just,As. Evil. Vile,Terrorist. Now. As. They. Were. Then.....They,Had. Black. Unity. Back. Then. ...Amazing. We. Cannot,Have. It. Now.  Black. Preachers. Are. Money. Stealing ,Snakes. ,Supported. By. Black. Politicians. And. The. NAACP ..You,Cannot. Trust. Any  Of. Them. . Black. Street. Gangs ,Pimps ,Crack. Sellers. Genocide. The. Black. Community. Each. Day......

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Amazing that it has taken 100 years for folks to literally dig into from an archeological perspective what happened in Tulsa, OK.


That's just one of several places black folks were thriving only to be massacred.


The saddest thing is that black folks are not any more safe from race soldiers today than they were back in those days. 😎

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We didn't just have a Black Wallstreet in Tulsa.....
All over the United States during Reconstruction Black folks built sophisticated towns and neighborhoods from the ground up and flourished economically as well as socially.
Many of them flourished right up until the Great Depression of 1929.

If you study history, AfroAmericans started progressively getting lazier and lazier from the beginning of Reconstruction in the 1870s to the 1990s.

At first we were building cities and towns from the ground up.

Then we started just moving into SECTIONS of cities (especially up North) that White folks abandoned and just fixed them up for ourselves instead of building them from scratch.

Then after so-called "Integration" the nigga just sold out and started following White folks around whereever they went.  Moving into whatever neighborhood was still mostly White, moving out to the suburbs, moving into sub-divisions and rural areas.

We need to get back to our ROOTS of building entire communities from the GROUND UP.

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