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We can solve the border crisis ! Great Idea !!!

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We can at least solve a large part of our border crisis .

Take our violent inner city thugs who live off the system ( tax payers) and commit violent crime and then TRADE THEM for some hard working central and South Americans who actually work. I will take that trade all day long ! We can send the thugs to Central America and they can live with the cartels and ms13. 

That will not only solve a large part of the crisis at the border but it will reduce our violent crime rate by about 75% and will help our black communities greatly .

We still need a wall in order to prevent bad people from coming in and also need to know the identity of those that come here. 

Let’s see if our inner city thugs like the justice system better in Central America !

Let them protest and riot in Central America and see how that works out for them !


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  • Greg changed the title to We can solve the border crisis ! Great Idea !!!


This is yet another wonderful illustration of your GROSS ignorance!

1. The United States NEEDS crime and criminals to operate because they need to constantly fill the private prisons and jails that are increasing being used as sources for cheap labor this society thrives off of.

2. The United State IS ALREADY bringing in your beloved Central and South Americans by the millions.

What you don't understand and probably don't even realize is that the HIGHER UP racists who are giving you your marching orders actually SUPPORT mass illegal immigration in the United States because it not only supplies the rich White business owners with a constant source of cheap labor but because they aren't legal citizens....THEY HAVE NO RIGHTS.
So they are far less likely to complain about their  working conditions or demand benefits like regular American workers.

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The idea of building a wall to keep people out of stolen country cracks me up.


That's like breaking into someone else's house and changing the door locks and calling it home. 


Nevermimd the fact that the Americas are landlocked.


There was a point in time that people could freely travel from southern-most Argentina to the top of Canada without any paperwork. 😎


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On 7/19/2022 at 8:53 AM, ProfD said:

I'd rather send racists to South and Central America.  Let's see how well they survive there. 😎

Trust me, there ALREADY ARE plenty of racists down in South and Central America....lol.
Which is one of the reasons so many of them are flocking to the United States.

The racist Wht descendants of Spaniards who rule Mexico and much of Central America make life so hard for the dark skinned Central AMericans that most of them either turn to a life of crime or find a way to run to the United State where WE have paved the way already for ending legalized racism.

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I certainly don't want to add to the problems of South and Central America.



I was thinking we could send the weak azz racists who like to troll. Maybe they'd appreciate living there instead of complaining about black folks in the US.😎

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Lets start rounding up all the gangs and thugs and send them to central america in exchange for some hard working people who dont feel entitled and want to live off the system. Not to mention all the violence they commit.

Lets solve the crisis now !nwe can start with chicago and work our way east.

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