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Breonna Taylor--Four Police Officers Charged by Feds


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The Department of Justice (DOJ) has arrested and charged former police officers who were responsible for the raid and firing shots that led to Breonna Taylor's death. 


It took  almost 2. 5 years to bring these killers to justice but better later than never. I hope AG Merrick Garland brings a solid case against them. 


Breonna Taylor's family has already won a civil suit. Putting these murderers behind bars would bring justice full circle. 😎

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This is good news.

Not much I can say in terms of criticism of this because the Feds didn't HAVE to get involved despite the pressure the community was putting on them.

Perhaps this is an example of how....although I still believe the system is corrupt and needs to be replaced....it CAN work in our favor if we have the will power and persistnce to force it to.

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So glad to see something substantive being done about racism and policing. There's no sense or reason for Breonna Taylor to be dead. This didn't have to happen. If DOJ can put the officers away like Chauvin it might make up just a little bit for Congress's failure to pass the George Floyd Police Reform Act.

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Nothing the Department of Justice or even Congress does can take the place of BLACK PEOPLE standing up and assuming responsibility for our own safety as indivuals and as a community.

We MUST become active members of all forms of law enforcement from the patrol officer all the way up to the Attorney General of the United States.
Don't leave it up to White folks to "do the right thing" but WE must do what it takes to secure ourselves and establish our power in this nation.

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