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AfroAmericans dealing with Police Brutality Incidences & and Now This! --


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AfroAmericans dealing with Police Brutality Incidences & and Now This! --

The FBI Raided A Black Organization in Connection With Russia & Russian Propaganda


Why in the world would African Americans start a minority socialist party today!?


This video topic, two of them, kept popping up into my channel and although I kept deleting it, it still continue to pop up.

I was SO NOT INTERESTED in certain aspects of it, especially the socialist aspect of it. 

I'm thinking--Why in the world would an African American want to be associated with a socialist party today!?

Honestly, I do not completely understand the concept and how it compares to Communism either. 

Nevertheless and apparently a few weeks ago, a group of African Americans organized a socialist party a few years back and the headquarters 

is in St. Louis, Missouri, however, this group has other branches too, in certain areas of America and now, they are upset and angry because they have just 

been raided by the FBI for their apparent association with some Russian person who has allegedly been charged with using this group to feed Russian propaganda 

into America and undermine American Democracy and mess with Americans to cause them to vote in a certain way that again, undermines American democracy.


Some of the statements the group, known as UHURU, leaders say is that they were not influenced by this Russian man and that they did not accept any money, and they were surprised and upset that they had been abruptly raided.


But, I don't know if I agree because, on the other hand, some of the spokespersons did say things like they had been flown over to Russia back when they started this organization!

Then I heard statements about 'Michael Brown' being shot and Reparations and statements made about the colonial empire, etc.

IMO, just because some secret group tells you that America has exploited you as an African American DOS and offers you funding so that you will have some sort of 'reparation' and a chance to have money you never had before and then you start a group that is similar to their agenda, doesn't mean that they mean you any good. 


Darn it--I don't even know if I retained enough about American history in school, why in the world would I embrace another big government like Russia if I haven't even been in a formal class to learn about their government? 







This the actual video that kept popping up into my channel. The leader 'Omalia' lives in St. Louis, Missouri where the headquarters was set up, supposedly. 


I don't think he agrees with the Democratic Party either. I heard him say that the Democrats are using principles that are not in line with the past definition of their party. 











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The term "socialist" is used far and wide these days. It can mean almost anything, apparently. RepubliQans claim that the Nazis were socialists. The superior societies of the world are all demosocialist---Germany, UK, France, Denmark, Spain, Israel, Singapore, Australia, Canada, etc.---and so certainly there must be something good about some sort of socialism, judging from the facts at hand.


Sadly there are many nefarious forces backing this or that group. We have on the Left George Soros who funds Democratic or progressive activities in various countries. We've not seen anything nefarious about this, as he's supporting liberal causes. not communism.


Other forces are less benevolent in their intent. such as those emanating from Russia. These days there are people who work in St. Petersburg, and I don't mean Florida, all over the internet. Russian as well as Chinese influence has been exerted to motivate people to hit the streets, including show up at school board meetings armed to threaten teachers over imaginary "CRT". There were links of that action to Chinese disinformation and disruption online. Fostering discord in the USA, it should be obvious to all, is in the interests of the nations who have hostile intent toward the USA. Chief among those: Russia and China.


So it is confusing and one has to be skeptical. The chaotic situation of the 60s was nothing compared to the complex interaction of a million forces on the internet, in a society already far more fractured than it was then.

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@Michel Montvert Thank you for the breakdown.


All of these terms sort of 'give me a headache though'!

Adding to my confusion of the whole idea of whatever the complete meaning of socialism is, you then brought up other terms that I usually see in these topics too, such as 


Liberalism and Leftist, etc.


OMG! What do they mean to the point where I can understand!?

What in the world is a 'leftist, a 'rightist', etc. 


What in the world to Black people in concentration bend towards, if any?

It sounds like some kind of movement that occurred in association with politics. 

Oh yes, you said a new one, I have never heard of 'demosocialist'. WOW! What in the world!


12 hours ago, Michel Montvert said:

So it is confusing and one has to be skeptical.





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