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A Shoutout to the Habesha People This Week


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A Shoutout to the Habesha People This Week



A Shoutout to the Habesha People This Week—HAPPY NEW YEAR!








This week, beginning on September 11, 2022, was the start of the Ethiopian New Year as well as for the other Habesha people in Eritrea and other countries thereabout.









And even though the status quo explanation for the Ethiopian New Year revolves around the Biblical King Solomon, for all of the other countries of the Habesha included would be the institution of their New Year that goes way back more than a thousand years before Solomon to the days of Moses.


So, what would be the start point of the Exodus?




The actual day the Israelites left was September 15, after midnight. So, the scientific date would have been September 14, as the Israelites changed their new year forever to begin that month instead of the scientific (lunar) new year of March 14.




So, during the Exodus, their new year was changed from the scientific new year of March 14, to occur on the seventh lunar month of September 14. Furthermore, the scriptures do plainly state that this new year festival was to be observed forever and so, their festivities usually last for a week. However, today, the Habesha people do not use the lunar Calendar but the Gregorian Calendar of which has been based on the solar cycles. Had the lunar Calendar still be in use, then every third year, their new year would be moved to occur in the month of October.


Although some people think that these African people in the horn are the only peoples to have a different new year than the western world, that would be far from the truth. And so, one of the very reasons for the Habesha people to observe their new year revolves around the purpose of educating their offspring annually on the historical basis of all humanity as well as how they came to form their original cultures. It would be from this basis too, that I have come to understand many aspects of the ancient new years that occurred even long before this September new year institution. I find it very intriguing that all of new years of the past and present have a direct correlation to astronomy and in some regards some type of cataclysmic event. For example, the ancient Egyptians had more than one new year and prior to the time of Moses, the month of February had been the most amazing new year celebration for the ancient Egyptians of which they observed for over thousands of years! But then, at some remote time, the scientific ninth month of November became a new year for certain ancient civilizations, and this too was due to some type of major star or meteor storm that struck our planet hence the root word ‘NOVA’ [i.e., Nov; ‘nova’, ‘new’ or ‘supernova’].


So, today, because there has been a meteor storm of new articles about recent sightings of UFOs [i.e., UAP, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena] and how our governments are now addressing the issue again, with no certain conclusions [again!], it would be good to look at the historical and scientific aspects of how our calendars correlate to celestial events and etc.



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