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Wolf Hustle, describes a Black Woman's rise from Bronx Housing Projects to Wall Street


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Cin-FabreFrom the South Bronx projects to the boardroom—at only nineteen years old, Cin Fabré ran with the wolves of Wall Street.


Cin Fabré's memoir, Wolf Hustle, tells about her experiences growing up in an immigrant household and saving up so that one day she could escape her abusive father and poverty in the Bronx.


Pulling back the curtain on the inequities she and so many others faced, Wolf Hustle reveals how Cin worked grueling hours, ascending from cold caller to stockbroker, becoming the only Black woman to do so at her firm. She indulges the excesses she took part in on 1990s Wall Street—the strip clubs, the Hamptons parties, the Gucci shopping sprees—while reveling in the thrill of making money. From landing clients worth hundreds of millions to gaining, losing, then gaining back fortunes in seconds, Cin examines her years spent trading frantically and hustling successfully, grappling with what it takes to build a rich life, and, ultimately, beating Wall Street at its own game. Read an Excerpt ▶




Having worked the better part of my corporate career on NYC's Wall Street.  One of the things I found most striking was the lack of Black people actually from New York City in revenue-generating positions. 


While I also grew up in the projects I wasn't in a revenue-generating position.  I was in technology -- an "overhead" position, an expense.  The big bonuses and lavish lifestyles were enjoyed by people who brought money into the firm.  


It wasn't that people from the projects were not smart enough. There are so many reasons why we are missing on Wall Street.  This sister is a unicorn. 🙂


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