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Authors & Publishers: Can’t earn Amazon affiliate commissions? You can still benefit!

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I recently blogged about the fact that most authors who post links to Amazon do not take advantage of Amazon's affiliate program. http://aalbc.it/oWrxtM

Someone tried to explain to me why authors do not take advantage of it, by saying they just don't care and are not interested. This seems so illogical because Amazons commisions can be 7, 8% or more depending upon sales -- often exceeding even the author's share of a book's sale. But based upon the acitivity on my latest Blog post on the subject, there seemed to be little interest in the whole issue.

Of course the more sophistciated authors are aware of the commisisons that can be earned. Some authors who live in the cities where Amazon does not pay affiliate commisions (currently, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, Rhode Island, & Connecticut) use the codes of business associates. I give authors a discount on services in exchange for using an AALBC.com affiliate code -- sometimes it even help those authors to make the AALBC.com bestsellers list.

Are there any authors out there that link to Amazon without using an affiliate code to earn commissions? If so why?

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I think many authors especially those moving from the foray of academic into popular markets don't understand the promise and power of such marketing. Most don't recognize the potential of online sales like Amazon and AALBC as a tool to push their work into the realm of new audiences and buyers. Show the numbers and tell some success stories so that folks care realize these opportunities. 7-8% is eyeopening.

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Hey kateellington! I trust all is well. I appreciate the feedback.

To me, the fact that you can make a meaningful percentage on the sale of your own book or can redirect that commission to someone else shold be a sufficent story to tell. It really is alarming how many authors share links to amazon for there book without affiliate codes.

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Hi Troy,

I'm an author and entrepreneur who lives in a State that no longer receives Amazon affiliate commissions. I recently took advantage of your offer. It's a great deal and a "win-win situation" for all parties involved.

When we write, publish and sell books we are in essence operating a business. I think some authors don't always make the connection between being an author and a business person. Even though authors want to sell books some of them don't develop a business mindset.

Adding the affiliate link is a business decision. If an author doesn't possess a business mentality or entrepreneurial spirit then adding an affiliate link may seem trivial or insignificant.

For some authors, writing and selling books is a hobby. Thus, they probably have little interest in the business side of writing books.

Who knows?

But I love your offer...


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I am considering POD and selling ebooks from my website would be a beneficial for me (more money) but I understand that people are more interested in buying from a more recognizable name like Amazon. I do not live in one of the affiliate states but I am always interested in maximizing my earning potential!

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