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Pennsylvania art, Grandma's place, and a question of magical lands

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if you or someone you know live in philadelphia pennsylvania , and want to have a creative sexy night, tonight!! go north to amber for the following event

#grandmasplace if you are in harlem, manhattan, nyc, nys check it out , great place to get toys, especially with themes for Black children


 The Talokanil and the Wakandans- One is a magical land of black people in Africa who didn't help the majority of other black people being annihilated by whites... the other is a magical land of indigenous people in America <continental> and didn't help the majority of other indigenous people being annihilated by whites... are these two communities traitors to their kin OR are they the fantasies of accountabilist,personal or communal, in two communities of color, meaning non white europeans? 


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