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11/11 at 3:33 p.m.


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In a text to me a couple of minutes ago:


"...today is the best day in the entire century to manifest ... so put your dreams in the universe.


I say waddya have to lose?


Del are you aware of this and the reasoning behind it (I have not attempted to GTS I came here first 😉



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It's a new age thing. If you search 11:11 it's a big thing. It's based on Numerology with 11 and 33 are master numbers. Which have a special role and have to balance the spiritual and the earthly.


It's timely because I need to manifest or a more regular basis.


What's GTS?

There are times that effect people on a large scale, like the full Moon.

My approach is to use both the Natal an current Astrological chart to find the optimal time to commence an activity.


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GTS: Google That Shit


11 and 33 are master numbers, What is a "master Number"  11 is a prime, but 33 is not.  It can't be doubled numbers because 22 is apparently not one as no one mentioned 11/11 2:22 as being anything special.   What is the next master number 55, 99?


Also why p.m. and not a.m. too?


I guess I could just GTS, huh? 😉 


Honestly, I'm tired of using Google and subjecting myself to their advertisement engine, which use to be a search engine. 

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