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Black. T. V. Producers. Oprah. Winfrey. Byron. Allen .

harry brown

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Instead. Of. Putting. On. Black. Entertainment. Crap   Oprah. Winfrey ,Should. Talk. About. The. Black. Genocide. That. Goes. On. Every ,Week ....She. Had. On,Greenleaf. Church. Show...She. Did. Not. Talk,About. How. Corrupt. The. Church. Really. Is...Black. Preachers ,In. Prison.  For. Raping. Children. Murdering. Their. Wives. ..Caught ,With. Prostitutes ,Stealing. Millions. Of. Church. Money. ..Preachers,Steal. Church. Money. To. Biuy,Cars. Not. Caring. About ,The. Poverty. In. The. Black. Community. Did. Oprah. Winfrey,,Interview. The. Football. Players. Kneeling. Down ,Protesting ,?  She. Made. Time. For. Trump. Lover. Tom. Brady. Nothing. ,Intetesting. About  Him. Trump. Lover. Who. Super. Bowl. Wins. Wete,Fixed. For. Him. To. Win...Byron. Allen.  ?  He. Should. Talk,About. Klan. Police. ,Neo. Nazi. In. The. U. S. Military. ,National - Guard. and  Coast. Guard.....Poor. Inner City. Communities And,Poor. Inner. City. Schools. As. Billions. Go. To. The. White. Country. ,Ukraine. ......They. Are. T. V. Producers. ..??

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I don't care too much for his comedy or entertainment, but I have to say......that Byron Allen is a pretty interesting character

His record is impressive.

He flew under the radar for decades making all types of moves and before people knew what happened he emerged a few years ago as a Black billionaire.


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Black TV producers do not own the bandwidth on which their networks, shows and movies are hosted.


As a result, regardless of their financial status, they do not really have the freedom to put whatever they desire on the air.


Part of Black folks making a fortune is providing entertainment instead of education😎

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