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Warnock beats Walker!


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The Democrats now have a two-member edge in the Senate, leveling another Donald Trump toady. 

Hee hee hee!

Now, name some great judges, President Biden. You are the THIRD Democratic President who reduced the budget deficit.

You will go down in history as a tough POTUS, willing to stand up the nastiness of the Republithugs and the craziness of the defenders of the BIg Lie. 

Rev. Raphael Warnock put the finishing touches on the mythical bullchit that Donald Trump is super unbeatable when it comes to politics and a business genius. Trump's entire company was convicted of fraud. Trump Org. was found guilty of criminal tax fraud, conspiracy and falsifying records. 

Trump is a clown. I said so a couple of weeks ago. Believe it.

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It was close the last time, too. These are projected results. I am certain in all-White counties, some votes were counted towards the former running back that should not have been.

I am giddy because I know some of the silliest Black turncoats, truth deniers and sellouts are crying right now. 

I got tissues. 

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Sure.  The Georgia senate race was close in November too. 


My point is considering the weakness of the GOP candidate, the race should have never been close at all.  Warnock should have won by a landslide the 1st time.


There is something to be said for the fact that a totally unqualified candidate in Mumble-Mouth Walker won 49% of the vote in the state of Georgia.  Nevermind that he lives in Texas.


If the mentality and motivation of 49% of the Georgia voters is truly indicative of what they think and believe and where they stand, this country has bigger problems. 


As it relates to Teflon Don and getting a lawsuit to stick, I'll believe when I see/hear it.  IOW, i don't think the criminal tax fraud, conspiracy and falsifying records indictment against the Trump organization will adversely affect him.  😎

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I agree.
That race was WAAAAY closer than it should have been.
Especially going up against a fool like Walker.

It should have been a landslide victory for Warnock.
Either the Republicans were cheating for Walker, or Black folks in Georgia simply weren't as enthused about getting out and riding for Warnock.
Although I suspect it was both.

Warnock and Biden have that same apathetic "barely passed" turn out for their victories.

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Man I'm glad you said something I was getting ready to post a thread on the back-n-forth between those two on the show.

I personally enjoyed the pushback Charlemagne (I'm not calling that nigga or any other man "the god") was giving him but I wonder how some of the audience took it.
Did it seem unprofessional on his part, or Dr. Umar's part for constantly raising his voice.

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Somebody gotta email Umar and tell him he's too big of a brother to be getting that loud during conversations 😂

Even if there is no intention of physical contact, I think by nature most men subconsciously size up the men they're arguing with and wonder "what if"...lol.

😜 If this big brutha DOES lose it and go off....can I handle him or atleast get him off of me???

That DOES cross a brutha's mind when serious disagreements arise.

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43 minutes ago, Pioneer1 said:

Even if there is no intention of physical contact, I think by nature most men subconsciously size up the men...

Testosterone or the lack thereof is the main reason men size each other up.


Otherwise, men comfortable in their own manhood have no reason to size up others especially knowing they can chop down any tree.


Non-constructive conversations lead to arguments and disagreements and possibly  physical altercations. Intellectual discourse does not.


Intelligent men will agree to disagree and move on to something else. 😎

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On 12/15/2022 at 2:09 AM, Stefan said:

When Umar Johnson builds his boys school, he can be listened to once again.

He's nothing but a loud mouthed fraud who took money from good hearted people. 

Regardless of his actions, do you agree with most of what the man actually says and the way he articulates it?

A professor doesn't have to PRACTICE  law in order to KNOW and TEACH it.

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