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@Stefan stated the following



You seem to have it in for Black elected officials. I guess that's why you private messaged me a few times trying to get me to author a blog supporting subway terrorist Frank James. Because in your mind, you thought James trying to kill innocent subway riders would make New York's second Black Mayor, Eric Adams, look bad. Or constitute a blow against growing homelessness. I cannot believe you are this stupid. And don't try to deny you asked me to write that blog for you.



A Lie


Now, I checked my private messages and found the following in which Stefan messaged me, 




If you want to become a good blogger, then never assume of pontificate without evidence to back up your claims.

This is what you wrote: Sequentially, a black party of governance will have to oppose Black leadership in nearly all sectors.

Do you even know what sequentially means? It means chronologically or one after the other.

What you mean is a Black Political Party, not a black party of governance. In this country, Blacks don't govern chit, which is what governance means.

NEarly all black elected officials in the USA will oppose it. Again, did you survey Black elected officials or are you projecting your own personal biases? Because what you wrote again cannot be proven.

NEarly all black fiscally wealthy will oppose it. You mean wealthy without the fiscally. Wealthy defines an individual with a high net worth. Because rich means someone who has a lot of available money and probably spends a lot. Which means they could also carry a lot of debt. Trump is rich, but not wealthy.

I think we all know a Black party of governance hasn't been tried with vigor cause it represents a challenge for most Black people who are deemed successful in the usa. Again, you are assuming. Explain how a Black Political Party would challenge most successful Black people. 

These are questions your readers will demand answers to.

Now, you know why I was such a damn good editor. I never allowed bullcrap or bad writing to fly. And all those young White writers with Master's Degrees from Ivy League universities eventually learned to ask me for help before filing bullcrap copy. 

I will try to help you if you really want to write. Just let know.



The following is the set of replies 


from me



Stefan, thank you for your critique. 


I used the word sequentially, referring to the fact that after a Black party to governance is started, it will face the following things instantly, based on the current scenario. Can I prove my future claims? no. I can't. But I am willing to challenge anyone who suggest otherwise come with their reasoning. I can provide mine. 


No, I meant a Black party of governance. A Black political party is merely a gathering of Black people. The Black panthers of self defense is a political party. The nation of islam is a black political party. The KKK is a white political party. The Party of Abraham Lincoln or the Party of Andrew Jackson are parties of governance. These are gatherings of people for the purpose of control in government. 


I admit I haven't polled all I assert to. But I think everything I wrote is supported by history.

Black elected officials existed in the USA for over 150 years. In that time, a Black party of governance has not succeeded in gaining a seat outside of one potential example, in mississippi. In 150 years I am certain many Black people uttered, lets have our own party. The fact that it hasn't been tried by a largess of Black elected officials tells me all I need to know about that community. Now, can I be wrong ? yes. But, for me to be wrong, it means that a large number of black elected officials, combined from the POAJ or POAL , are eager to have a black party of governance, but never did in 150 years. PErhaps, I can be wrong. but I don't think so.


I define wealth as that which is valuable. It can be fiscal, ala money or in other ways. 


I said in my post, most Black people deemed successful have a positive relationship with whites, an integrated relationship on a personal level with whites and by default a Black party of governance is not an integrated institution and unlike Black collegiate sororities  or fraternities is not within the confines of historical black institutions. 


Now, will many readers, maybe most or maybe not most,  contest each poistiion? yes. Do I have irrefutable proof to any position I make? no.  Do I think I need irrefutable proof? no. I can accept anyone saying, none of this can be proven, therefore none of it is true. 


I end with praise for you Stefan. You are an excellent editor to the majority literary standard in the USA. I don't comply to said majority standard in my: literary structure, use of words, reader considerations, or personal guidelines. 


If I ever want to emit work to comply to the standards that you are a master at putting forth, I will definitely contact you. 



the next is his reply 


I said I would help you. Keep it simple.

The average person reads at 8th grade reading level. 


and our private dialog ended with the following, from me



good point





Note, in no time did I say anything that he suggested in the initial quote, which means he lied. Again, I repeat, I don't mind anyone judging or critiquing me or my art, but don't lie about me. I have never lied about anyone in here and I do find it offensive. And the lesson on me is to not reply to private messages on aalbc unless they are from those I can trust have a general quality of decorum on here. I am not on aalbc to knock anybody. nor am I on aalbc to be negative. I want positivity and a number of people in these forums thrive on negativity and spew it constantly. I want nothing to do with all that. 

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You are one of the phoniest. You know damn well you wanted me to write a blog supporting the subway terrorist. You are a complete fool. 

But it does not matter. Eric Adams remains the second elected Black Mayor of New York City. And your terrorist, the dude with the man boobs, will likely get sentenced this week. 

Like most Black Republicans, or those who are fans of the Elephant Party, you do not how to tell the truth. Get Thee to a Writing Class. 

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@ProfD  constructive dialog, two people speaking to build something. ... when WEB DUbois spoke falsely or ill against MArcus Garvey in a white law courtroom, the reality is, garvey came to him beforehand to do as you suggested ProfD, construct something with him. 


What is the lesson in Garvey side Dubois? 

Just because another black person or group wants betterment for black people like you or yours doesn't mean the mechanics can be combined to construct something.

Garvey's elemental idea was structurally antipose to DuBois.  At the end of the day, the point of the NAACP was to build a bridge between white and black in the usa. The point of the Garvey movement was to make an ocean between white and black in the usa. Those two ideas can not be combined to construct anything. The reason being, if you are building a bridge you are not filling the ocean. if you are filling the ocean you are not building a bridge.


It is clear to me that in the AALBC community, some have ideas on how they want to communicate or coexist side other members that can not intertwine with the way I want to. It isn't a bad thing, it is simply the truth.


For the record, anyone who has read my words in this very forum know full well the only party to governance I support in the USA is one that has never existed, a Black Party to Governance. I have written that so many times, for anyone to say I am a Black republican or black democrat is merely another lie. 



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10 hours ago, richardmurray said:

It is clear to me that in the AALBC community, some have ideas on how they want to communicate or coexist side other members that can not intertwine with the way I want to. It isn't a bad thing, it is simply the truth.


I have written that so many times, for anyone to say I am a Black republican or black democrat is merely another lie. 

Everyone is entitled to their ideology and opinion. Respect is non-negotiable. 😎

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When someone supports a terrorist who targets innocent people that person is a POS.

And when a person lies to make themselves look good - I want nothing to do with them.

And Frank James is a terrorist. After his arrest, investigators discovered he had been planning such an attack for years. 

While it was still unclear what his motives were, Troy asked me what will happen to him and I immediately replied he would be charged with terrorism.

Which is exactly what happened. 

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