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Occupy Wall Street - Is Real Change Coming?

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Cynique I think you've hit the nail on the head or at least touched on a major aspect of the issue.

For the last 10 years I used to wonder way more people are not in the street -- what would it take? I now know; main stream America is now feeling the pain. it s not just Black folks, losing homes, out of work and unemployable and unable to pay for a decent education for their kids.

We do know the ultra wealthy control all aspects of the country, to the detriment of the majority of us (the 99% if you will). They will not yield control easily. There is a long fight ahead and it will be hard, but it has to start somewhere. Perhaps this is a beginning...

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It looks like Michael "buy your way into a 3rd term" Bloomberg will have his hands full on trying to squelch the unrest in lower Manhattan. Will he sick the dogs on the protestors, or turn on the fire hoses? I'm sure he would like to just open fire...

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