Can I Get An Amen?
by Ruth C. Taylor

This article was originally published on now defunct, but historically significant, The Black World Today website and is shared here for archival purposes.

(Mental Health for the Preachers, Professors, Politicians and 'The People')

Ron Daniels is to be congratulated for his leadership in constructing The Institute of The Black World/ 21st Century, especially in the face of what appears to be rising color discrimination in these United States of America. Refer to: the continued exculpation of police who murder Black African males, tasered-to-death John Cox, copshot Timothy Stansbury, Jr. and the maltreatment of and experimentation on Black children, i.e. handcuffing the Florida 5-year-old girl, medication-experimentation AFSchildren in the Bronx, NYS, abuse of N.Y.C.P.S.34 Haitian youngsters, among other incidents too numerous to herein list!

There is however serious valid concern about his use of the term "race" when "color" is meant; in his April 5, 2005 Caribbean Life newspaper article titled: 'DEFINING "BLACKNESS" IN THE 21st CENTURY,' - Vantage Point). 

It might be said that such usage contributes to color discrimination. Surely, counter-productivity and continued 'dividing and conquering' in all levels of Black Peoples' arenas ensues from such language  - economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war (with due respect and credit to our eminent Black female Psychiatrist, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing).

Firstly, it must be acknowledged—by leaders such as Ron Daniel—that all humans are 'of African descent,' and that those leaders must begin the arduous task of mass re-education as to this vital fact if, indeed, the healing of racism/colorism which kills so many people of color worldwide (Muslims, Iraquis & others) is to be accomplished!

Archaeological, anthropological, paleontological  research and evidence collected all over the world have proven beyond rational doubt that there is only one race on this earth - the human race.  It is way past time for people of color, especially as the world's majority, to acknowledge the oneness of humanity, and not, I repeat, not, "follow-fashion-copy" mis-educated white folk in their bigoted colorist efforts to maintain what we at The Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Inc. <> call "America's Great Divide," - (artificial barrier Walls of color - not 'race,' thank you!)

There should be no 's' on the word 'race' when referring to the color of humans!  It is euphemistic, tragic, counterproductive and downright dangerous, in the face of scientific revelations, to speak of  'Red-
Black,-Yellow-Brown-White-darker-groups of-different-various-or- all races.'

Let us emerge, publicly and forthrightly, from the mass insanity of denial of the oneness of humanity, into the mentally-healthy sunshine of what Guyanese Professor Ivan Van Sertima calls "TRUTHCENTRICITY!"
(Every student in the world should read this missive - discuss it in their classes - pass it on to their parents!)

Carol Taylor R.N.
President/Founder: The Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Incorporated