Favorite 50 African American Authors and Favorite 100 Titles of the 20th Century
by Troy Johnson

AALBC.com’s Favorite 50 African American Authors and


Favorite 100 Titles of the 20th Century

The AALBC has completed the voting for “Our Own List” of our favorite 50 African American authors and our 100 favorite African American novels of the 20th century.  3,861 total votes were cast.

Needless to say this list is purely subjective; based upon the opinions of visitors to the AALBC, who filled out an on-line form or send in a vote via email.  

We think you’ll find the results interesting and useful for identifying quality authors and novels.  There is something for everyone to enjoy!

Help readers discover the great writers of the century by casting your vote for “Your Favorite Black Author of the 21st Century.”

"…There were a number of reasons for the list being conceived, executed and compiled. The first was our outrage at the lack of our presence on the Modern Library’s Best Books of the Century list (Only later to discover that the whole thing was less than a joke). Second, it gave me, a non-academic, an opportunity for my voice to be heard." — Thumper

Read the rest of Thumper’s comments at "Thumper’s Corner", the AALBC’s Discussion Group  

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