A.C. Britt

From A. C. Britt “My writing is a reflection of my imagination at its wildest…I can close my eyes and envision an entire plot that flows like a motion picture. I began writing back in elementary school, classes would resume after summer breaks or spring breaks and we would be asked to write a story about what we did over our vacation. I went on to write poetry, moreso as an outlet for my stress…if one can be stressed at such a young age. I wrote and submitted to my High School and College literary magazines, submitted entries to ezines, contest and many more.

My passion for writing fiction began during my college years, during this time I penned three manuscripts, including London Reign and completed a fourth shortly after graduation. My themes stemmed from my own journey regarding my sexuality, but more important the stigmas and expectations that the community poured on gay youth. Geographically, the journey one takes becomes influenced by the expectations of that area.

I’m a laid back easy going spirit…my writing is real, raw and to the point. My readers become captivated off the first paragraph and are generally left begging for more by the last. My style is unique, just like me and when it comes to where my words will take me…well the possibilities are endless!

London Reign is in stores everywhere so grab your copy and enjoy the most unpredictable adventure ever…”

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