Avalon Soulette Brown

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Avalon S. Brown grew up in Newark, New Jersey and has worked as a nurse for thirty years.  She graduated from Essex County College Nursing Program in Newark, New Jersey. “I will never let anyone change me from being the nurse that God has made me to be. No Matter what trials and struggle nursing has and still put put me thru. I look at this prayer every morning before I go to work:

As I care for my patients today,
Be there with me oh Lord I pray.
Make my words kind. It means so much.
And in my hands place your healing touch.
Let your love shine through in all that I do .
So those who are need. may hear you, feel you, and see you in me.

Brown is also a devoted church member and believes God wants her to serve Him with all her heart, soul and mind.  She may be reached via email at avalonbrown165@yahoo.com

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