Benjamin Brawley

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Benjamin Griffith Brawley (April 22, 1882 – February 1, 1939) was a prominent author and educator.

Born in in Columbia, South Carolina, studied at Atlanta Baptist College (renamed Morehouse College). He graduated in 1901 and earned his second BA in 1906 from the University of Chicago, and earned his master’s degree from Harvard University in 1908. Brawley taught in the English departments at Atlanta Baptist College, Howard University, and Shaw University.

He served as the first Dean of Morehouse College from 1912 to 1920 before returning to Howard University in 1937 where he served as chair of the English department. He wrote a good deal of poetry, but is best known for his prose work including; History of Morehouse College (1917); The Negro Literature and Art (1918); A Short History of the American Negro (1919); A Short History of the English Drama (1921); A Social History of the American Negro (1921); A New Survey of English Literature (1925).

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