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C. Lynn Williams

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C. Lynn Williams remembers what it’s like to hate to get out of bed, because she wore so many hats and all she really wanted at that moment was to have time for herself. Many women struggle with balancing the demands of being a professional, a wife and a mother. While she’s heard that you cannot successfully have it all – she’s here to tell you that you can! Ms. Williams is the creator and founder of Finding Superwoman, a 12-week coaching curriculum for professional, executive or entrepreneurial women who are also wives and mothers.

In addition to creating Finding Superwoman, C. Lynn has written a series of Staying Sane books that offer parents guidance in order to successfully nurture their youth, teens and adult children. While the books are helping parents have better relationships with their children, I realized that women like myself are still struggling with wanting to keep the love alive in their marriages, run successful businesses and be a great mother.

Her newest book Yours & Mine: The Winning Blended Family Formula, released in September 2015, addresses issues of blended parenting with children from different households, while keeping the love sparks alive in your marriage.

She speaks from experience as one who has personal loss while climbing the corporate ladder. Experiencing a failed marriage, raising her children, and finding love in a new marriage, left deep impressions on Ms. Williams. She realized that with planning and prioritizing, women can truly have it all. Ms. Williams holds a Master’s in Business Administration and has worked in corporate America, so she has a solid business background. Working with professional women who are parents and wives to build environments of trust and love in their homes, is a mission that she values.

She conducts classes and workshops about finding superwoman strategies that work. In this technologically complex culture, Ms. Williams’ follows a time-tested roadmap for family success. With today’s culture of social media and making women choose between running a corporation or having children, #FINDINGSUPERWOMAN is possible. Ms. Williams can be reached at CGWWBooks on Facebook, and as @MsParentGuru on Twitter and Instagram.

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