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Carl Patterson began his writing career at the age of 45 after his now deceased wife inspired him with her unpublished poetry. He recalls her telling him, ’Carl, life will not always deal us a winning hand. We must accept the good with the bad and the bitter with the sweet. By doing so we can turn the negative into the positive. We can do that through life experiences in our writing. Anything negative can become a positive tool of learning for others.’

Strongly inspired by her positive views on life, Carl began to write poetry, but when his wife read his work she said his writing reads more like a script than poetry. She then encouraged him to attempt writing a novel from his own life experiences. Although he knew his life at an early age was exciting, he did not feel that it was novel material. So he decided to create his own version of life as a child growing up in a big city after being born in the South. Before his first draft was completed, Carl’s wife died of an unexpected illness and never got to see his finished project. Ironically, his wife died at the age of 45 the same age he was when he began writing. A poem entitled ’Unforgotten Love’ can be found on It was written by Carl in memory of his wife. Other Works Published by The National Library of Poetry can be found there as well. He also had a piece published in the ’Dear John’ column of the Daily News in 1997. After his wife’s death, Carl enrolled in a writing program at The Institute of Children’s Literature in West Redding, Connecticut and took a course in ’Writing For Children & Teenagers.’ Carl dedicates ’Cross Roads’ to his wife Eleanor ’Kim’ Evans Patterson (1948 - 1993).

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