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Cathy Finch White

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Cathy Finch White moved to Tampa, Florida to attend school at Tampa University. After years of working in the medical field, Cathy began pursuing a career in business management and sales. As a strong believer in the idea that education starts at home, Cathy taught her three children the joy of reading through constant visits to the library and book stores.

After the birth of her grandson, Cathy worried about a generation of children only interested in video games and movies. She began a goal of reaching out to all children to show them that reading can be fun as well. Her first book, Anna Learn's to Play the Violin was released in September 2009.

Cathy’s unique style of illustration and writing has quickly launched her into a well-known name within the community. She hopes to reach households around the nation with her stories of children and the valuable life lessons her characters learn. Cathy has written four books [as of 2016], her latest book, Scary Bully won her an award at the Los Angeles Book Festival in March 2014. Her book Adam and Seymour also won her an award at the San Fransico Book Festival in 2012.Cathy has dedicated herself to continue to write and promote, reading through her humorous, inspiring, and encouraging stories to kids all around the world.
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4 Books by Cathy Finch White

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