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Charles Euchner is a 1-Time Bestselling Author

Throughout his career, Euchner has explored the Civil Rights Revolution, which transformed America and the world in the last-half century. His latest book provides an intimate portrait of the movement at its peak. In his talks, Euchner explores the lessons of the movement’s "everyday heroism" for our current world. He also shows how movement organizers and activists created models for us to improve our lives in all fields—and the debt that whites owe to the movement.

A graduate of Vanderbilt University, he was a staff writer for Education Week, covering technology, teachers, and politics. A Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University, he has taught political science at Holy Cross, Penn, St. Mary’s, and Northeastern. He served as the coordinator of Boston’s grassroots comprehensive planning process. He was the founding executive director of Harvard University’s Rappaport Institute, which left in 2004 to focus on writing. Since then he has published books on baseball, diplomacy, civil rights, and writing. He has also taught writing at Yale, in addition to developing the powerful Writing Code system

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