Chester Higgins, Jr.

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Chester Higgins, Jr. is a 3-Time Bestselling Author

Chester Higgins, Jr. (born November 1946) is a world renown photographer, author, and public speaker

“Wrestling with issues of memory, place and identity, I see my life as a narrative and my photography as its expression. My art gives visual voice to my personal and collective memories. It is inside ordinary moments where I find windows into larger meaning. Light, perspective, and points in time are the pivotal elements I use to reveal an interior presence within my subjects as I search for what I identify as the Signature of the Spirit.”

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9 Books by Chester Higgins, Jr.

Book Cover Echo of the Spirit: A Photographer’ S Journey by Chester Higgins, Jr.

Echo of the Spirit

(Unavailable for Sale)
Book Cover Elder Grace: The Nobility of Aging by Chester Higgins, Jr.

Elder Grace

(Unavailable for Sale)
Book Cover Some Time Ago: A Historical Portrait of Black Americans from 1850-1950 by Chester Higgins, Jr.

Some Time Ago

(Unavailable for Sale)
Book Cover Drums of Life: A Photographic Essay on the Black Man in America by Chester Higgins, Jr.

Drums of Life

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