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Chris Barton is a 4-Time Bestselling Author

Chris Barton is an Award winning Best Selling Author of more than a dozen books for children of all ages. So who is he and where did his passion for writing originate from?

Barton grew up in the small town of Sulphur Springs, Texas with his older brother and mother. His mother taught French and Spanish in High School. His Father was an Optometrist but sadly his father passed away when he was 8 years old. Barton had a passion for writing that was clearly evident when he was child.

It was at Lamar Elementary when he wrote and shared his first story with the public. Little did he know back then that this was just a glimpse into what he was destined to do in the near future. So when he became a teenager he continued to pursue his passion of writing by any means necessary. He enjoyed collaborating with his friends and got creative from making parodies of superheros, making soap operas or even putting together student newspapers that had gotten awards. He contributes his love for not only writing but being a part of his former writing communities that led him to pursue writing as a career.

Upon graduation Barton attended the University of Texas at Austin. It was not long before he found a writing community. Almost instantaneously he was drawn to the writing community there and joined the staff of the daily Texan. Only a few short years later by happenstance he came across children’s writers that launched him further into his writing career.

Most parents tell stories to their toddlers on a regular basis for fun and this was exactly how Barton started off. His toddler son repeatedly asked him over and over to tell him the story about how he installed a smoke detector. He began realizing that his son loved the story and was fascinated by the telling of it. Not only did he see that his son was entertained by the story but he saw the joy and happiness that the story brought his son. It was at that pivotal moment that he came up with a brilliant idea. He believed that the same joy and happiness he brought to his child through telling a story he can bring that same joy and happiness to the lives of other children through his stories.

Barton hasn’t looked back since. He continues to write children’s stories with inspirational messages. His latest book is entitled Whoosh by Lonnie Johnson an African American male who invented the water gun alongside other inventions. Chris Barton has found a community of children’s writers that he is pleased to be a part of as he continues his journey of writing, bringing joy and happiness to children all over.

Author profile written by Daisy Copelin.

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