Constance Banks

Constance Banks photo

Constance Banks is an author who wants her writing to encourage, uplift and motivate readers. She has participated in ministry to children and teens for over 20 years and continues to do so at every opportunity.

Her most recent work in print is, “A Conversation with My Mother about Sex, Boys, and How She Married My Dad.” With regards to this work, she says the following:

“This book is definitely a work of fiction because sadly, I have never had this type of conversation with my mother and neither have the majority of people I know, young and old. The reason I wanted to tell this story is to encourage mothers to have the types of conversations mentioned in this book with their daughters, nieces, cousins, and even their sons and nephews.

I think it will make a world of difference in shaping the self-image of a lot of young ladies if the person who gives them the facts about the most important topics in life (sex, the opposite sex, relationships, etc.) was also the person who loves them most, no matter how uncomfortable the conversation might be in the beginning.”

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