Dan Smith

Dan Smith photo

Dan Smith, an alumnus of Boston University, has been a teacher, coach, and for twenty-five years a high school assistant principal. He has also worked as a truck driver, hod carrier, carpenter and common laborer. He is fluent in several languages and enjoys reading, research, music, weightlifting, handball, and target shooting at a gun club near his home in Massachusetts.

Smith’s lifelong ambition is writing. He attributes his desire to write and any talent he brings to the craft to his parents, especially on his mother’s side: Smith’s maternal grandfather was George Reginald Margetson, a Poet Laureate, whose substantial works are included in the libraries of many of our most prestigious universities.

Dan Smith published his first novel, A Walk In The City, in 1971: a contemporary story of Black youth. Long interested in the American frontier, his current ambition is to write novels of the Old West, stories that include Black men and woman in a true historical perspective of the frontier life.

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