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David L., author and publisher, holds a Bachelors Degree in Communications and Human Relations and a Masters Degree in Social Work with a concentration in clinical administration.

His first release entitled Over Your Dead Body is set in present-day New York, written in character-specific dialogue. His novel stands alone in two ways: First, it provides a passionate backdrop of just how fragile an institution like marriage can be. Secondly, it clearly reveals that there is indeed – a thin line between love and hate.

His second release entitled Chalk Outline Confessions is a serial killer non-stop thriller which cleverly details just how far a woman will go in which she has been scorned by her deceased and double-crossing spouse.

His third release entitled My Life Is A Movie chronicles a high school senior getting ready to graduate, doing her best to avoid all of the customary and ritualistic pitfalls that often plague that age range. Every parent, care provider and concerned adult should purchase this for that special young person in their life.

His fourth book, Representcaptures the realism of the streets and family values and answers that age old question: when is it alright to turn your back on those that raised you? Two brothers, one living the life of the streets, and the other, a path of academics come to a crossroads when older sibling receives a life sentence for his role in the murder of one of his peers. What does younger brother do? Continue on with his life of positivity? Or seek revenge for his brother on those that set him up in the first place?

David L. has authored several published articles relating to race relations; "How To" articles in becoming a self-published author. David L. is also very active in his community and participates in public speaking engagements with various schools and foster care agencies. Learn more at Total Package Publications.

Author Nah’Sun’s interviewed David L. in January of 2016; read the interview here.

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