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Through their writings, authors can touch us in many ways. Some authors entertain. Some inspire. Some give insight and force you to reflect. There are those who teach, encourage and inform. Others move your conscience with the weight of their words. In his debut book, David W. Marshall touches the reader in each of these ways.

His writings reflect a life-long love for American history. They are also inspired by his patriotic and Christian desires to demolish all forms of social injustice. As a child, Marshall watched as older generations mourned the deaths of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Only to learn that these two leaders were voices for the poor and the oppressed. Both men championed the cause for unity and reconciliation between the races. As our modern society continues to cry out for justice and fairness, there will always be a need for authors to speak truth to power.

As our nation evolves into becoming a more perfect union, racial backlash will always follow racial progress. Political backlash will always follow political progress. These facts are exemplified in Marshall’s book God Bless Our Divided America. As a social justice advocate and reconciliation leader, Marshall promotes police reform and voter awareness issues in addition to being the founder of The Reconciled Body (TRB).TRB is a Christian outreach ministry of racial reconciliation and tolerance.

Born in Washington D.C., Marshall was raised in Norfolk, Virginia. He is a graduate of Norfolk State University and now lives in Bowie, Maryland.

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